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Status: Open
by Guy on ‎20-07-2012 09:05 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:54 by Tom-R



I think something missing!!!

Like other provider such as Netflix, they offer movies with subtitle at a lower price! 

Now TV should be able to offer that service for must of their movies and, this should normally help deaf people watching films...






Status: Open
on ‎21-12-2016 04:10

I thought as much... I won't be signing up for their services until subtitles are available.


Have just re-signed with Netflix for the festive season though looks like not much has changed since I was last on about 6 months ago. They have a lot of the Star Trek series now, and a few recently added fun films, eg ######? gently's holistic detective agency (Douglas Adams)  and some other films too. But I have run out already.... lol. Shame they don't do more... However they do have SUBTITLES!

on ‎21-12-2016 04:18
Yup... No subtitles so won't get my custom.
I have Signed up with Netflix again for a while until I run out of films and series I want to watch there. Was with them about 6 months ago. Same stuff on there still but also a few new fun films, but not much.. There's a lot of star trek series now and a few recently added films worth checking out, enough for me for a couple o months anyway.
by alex_hk90
on ‎22-12-2016 10:58

Agreed - it's quite frankly ridiculous that it's almost 2017 (four and a half years since this request was posted on here!) and still no subtitles on Now TV. I'll be sticking with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime, all of which have subtitles and work well on Linux and Android as well as Windows (unlike Now TV which is unbelievably flaky).

by Craign80
on ‎01-01-2017 03:43
I have hearing problems and use Netflix and amazon instant video easily with their subtitles support. I want to continue a subscription to now tv after my trial but at the moment I don't think there would be much point if I can't watch your content to the fullest enjoyment without subtitles.
If subtitles are added to the service I would be more than glad to give you my money for now tv subscriptions possibly even the full package.

Please listen to your potential customers.

Craig nagle
by RyanJW
on ‎01-01-2017 12:56
Services with subtitles: Amazon Video, iPlayer, iTunes, Netflix. I've cancelled Now TV and use those.

I actually prefer buying films and shows from iTunes now. The quality is better (high-bitrate 1080p), you get extras like on the DVDs/Blu-rays, and subtitles. With Amazon you can buy 4K versions too. And from both you can buy films the moment they hit stores. I don't get through that many films so financially this works out pretty well and gives me newer stuff to watch.

Now TV really needs to step up its game to compete but I suspect that Sky is intentionally hobbling it so as to not compete with its main service too much. The lack of subtitles, 1080p, and surround sound options this far down the road is baffling.
by SeeMoreDigital Champion 5
on ‎01-01-2017 01:46

Hi @RyanJW and others,


All the streaming services providers mentioned offer subtitles for 'on demand' content only (which admittedly would be a good start for NOW TV), however none of them offer subtitles for 'live' streamed content, not even the BBC...


Unfortunately the existing subtitling protocols are a jumbled mess of competing standards. Not only are they all old, none of them are flexible enough for future demands across all platforms, services and equipment.


Thankfully there's a new protocol on the way called HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) which looks promising as it aims to harmonise all the current delivery systems. The BBC appear to be supporting this system and if you have a new LG television you'll find the feature included in its software.


So I guess NOW TV are in a bit of a quandary. Do they offer a half measure system now that's only suitable for their 'on demand' service. Or do they hold out for a new system to arrive that can do it all. Either-way, it will all come down to money...  

by alex_hk90
on ‎01-01-2017 06:36

@SeeMoreDigitalThat may be a vaild excuse for actual live content (i.e. sports, news, etc.) where the subtitles need to be produced in real-time, but it's no excuse at all for the prerecorded content (i.e. films, TV series) where the subtitles are already available. What Sky (and in general the media content industry) need to understand is that to attract and retain (paying) customers they need to offer a service which is better than the alternatives. In regards to subtitles, someone would be better off obtaining the content from questionable sources, as at least they are able to provide subtitles.


And the answer to some subtitles or no subtitles is obviously some subtitles - just because it can't (easily) be provided on all content doesn't mean it shouldn't be provided at all.


Anyway, I will continue my boycott of Now TV (and Sky more generally) until this (and other customer experience issues) are resolved, and advise others to do the same - it's just about all you can do as a customer, as it's taking years to act on the number one requested feature on here...

by SeeMoreDigital Champion 5
‎01-01-2017 06:56 - edited ‎01-01-2017 06:58

As I mentioned before, not even the BBC offers subtitles for their 'live' streamed content - whether it be 'live' or 'pre-recorded'!


If you don't believe me try the BBC's live streamed content on BBC iPlayer right now and see for yourself!

by alex_hk90
on ‎01-01-2017 07:09

@SeeMoreDigital I just did and BBC clearly do have subtitles for 'live' streamed (pre-recorded) content:



The text is somewhat apt as well...

by SeeMoreDigital Champion 5
on ‎01-01-2017 07:12

You are using a web browser which runs on software. Now try the same thing using a hardware playback device?