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More devices!!!!!

Status: Open
by perko1987 on ‎12-01-2013 10:40

Hi, I've just signed up for the 30 day free trial and have noticed I can only have 2 devices on my account and 2 changes a month!!!


Personally I think this is not enough. I use one on my xbox for TV in our lounge and my laptop. I would also like to connect my ipad and my wife would like the same. I work away a lot as a service engineer and often watch films on my ipad but with this 2 device limit and 2 changes limit it would mean me changing my main 2 devices constantly between my 4 devices I would like to use. My wife often watches a film in bed on our laptop, so if I was away I'd have to change my devices to Laptop and ipad but when I got home I'd have to change back to laptop and xbox. That's my changes used in 2 days!!


I can see why there is a limit but 2 is to low. I think 3 as a minimum.


Anyone else feel the same?!?

Status: Open
by Tom-R
on ‎21-03-2013 03:09
Status changed to: Implemented
by Tom-R
on ‎21-03-2013 03:10

Hi Everyone,


I appreciate you've already seen the news about being able to register four devices and watch on two at the same time, but just wanted to update this idea to show it as implemented.


Regarding why you can only watch on two, this is likely due to licensing.





by rossdunbar
on ‎21-04-2017 11:53

The device limit should be the same as Netflix. Have it available on as many devices as you like but restricted to 2 at the same time. If Netflix can do it (and have been doing it for years, so presumably have got their licensing sorted out), I can't see why Now TV can't.

by SeeMoreDigital Champion 5
on ‎21-04-2017 12:16

Hi @rossdunbar,


Pure 'on-demand' services such as Netflix are different to NOW TV in the respect that they don't offer 'live' streaming of UK television channels, which all copyright protected/restricted.




by rossdunbar
on ‎12-05-2017 08:46

BBC iPlayer has no device limits, neither does the ITV Hub. Both offer on-demand and live streaming of UK television channels. They have managed to be appropriately licence to allow it, why not NowTV?


by KenCol
on ‎27-05-2017 09:47

Hi, I think the 2 devices we can watch on at any given time is fair enough, you hve to balance that against people having a family and wanting to watch separate stuff, against people just sharing a subscription.


What bothers me is that I can only have 4 devices set up to the account in total, this is totally pathetic; I have an Xbox One using it, a Roku in my room and the kids each have a Now TV box in their room.


That means, I can't watch on my mobile, tablet, the kids tablets, my laptop...the kids even have phones.


Personally, I could use at least a couple more devices, my laptop so that if I'm at a boring hotel I can watch a film on their free wifi, and on my mobile, so if I find myself stuck somewhere and want to kill some time, I can watch a movie.


I hope you will consider this, as both Netflix and Amazon Prime have a better device allowance.


Kind regards.

by Swarfega
on ‎26-06-2017 05:36
In order to use a Chromecast you need a minimum of two devices. One to select what you want to watch so either a phone or tablet and then the Chromecast itself. That's 50% of allowed devices. This limit really needs to increase. We all know why it's there but that's an issue all other streaming providers also have to put up with.
by 4268 Champion 4
on ‎26-06-2017 06:26

 @Swarfega actually the phone/ tablet that controls the Chromecast doesn't have to be a device.  You have to cast before selecting content.

by chilli2
on ‎18-10-2017 05:24


Still need more devices, things have moved on rapidly in the last few years and quite a few people have many devices that can access Now TV, either increase the maximum amount of devices, or limit the maximum number of streams as per Netflix

by NOW TV Team Aaron-R
on ‎18-10-2017 05:34
Status changed to: Open