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Allow Roku Media Player to be installed on the NowTV boxes

Status: Open
by ukbobboy on ‎13-01-2017 10:50


Dear NowTV Team


Can you, or will you, allow the Roku Media Player to be installed on our NowTV boxes?


As far as I understand, it will immediately give the USB port functionality which can be readily used by box owners.  And all you would need to do is place the RMP in the App Store and possibly change it's name to either NowTV Media Player or just plain Media Player.


Also, could you place this post in the ideas section.



UK Bob

Status: Open
by Community Manager
on ‎23-01-2017 01:45
Status changed to: New
by Miketurn
on ‎13-03-2017 02:58

Another vote for this. I have an app side loaded to enable the usb to work, but it's quite basic and I'd prefer an official app.

by cegm72
on ‎22-03-2017 05:05

Now that sideloading of apps has been disabled, my media player app has disappeared :-(


Please can an official app be uploaded to the store so funtionality can be restored?



by srob030869
on ‎05-04-2017 02:47

I will add another vote for the USB Player app.


I used this regularly to view photo and video taken on my mobile.


A handy no-frills program that needs to be added to the Now TV App store now Developer mode is disabled

by rachaelll1987
on ‎14-04-2017 11:06
Voted I would like to see a media player, and also a record function added to record live shows to a USB drive
by Tiggy22
‎26-04-2017 08:10 - edited ‎26-04-2017 08:12

I also would like a media player app.  What is the point of having a usb/sd slot that is disabled.  My vote is for the usb/sd port to be enabled.  Thanks

by CrocodeeDundile
on ‎11-05-2017 08:53
Vote here for this to be activated
by ukbobboy
on ‎25-05-2017 05:49

@Tiggy22 @CrocodeeDundile




Saying that you've voted for this idea doesn't cut it, you have to press the " + thumbs up" button in your post for the vote to count.



UK Bob 

by Andy Legend 5
on ‎25-05-2017 09:16

@ukbobboy CrocodeeDundile voted a fortnight ago, it's just Tiggy22 you need to appeal to. To register a vote they need to click the +VoteUp arrow underneath the vote count, clicking the thumbs button in comments is still just a way of saying thanks and doesn't add to the vote total, even though they are called votes rather than thanks in this section.

by ukbobboy
on ‎25-05-2017 11:04



Well Andy


Strange, still as long as this idea gets the votes needed to make it a reality then that's all that matters.


Even though I no longer need this facility for myself, I now have a Roku 3, I hope that NowTV looks favourably on it so NowTV black and Smart box users can reap the benefits.



UK Bob