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7 Day EPG (TV Guide)

Status: Open
by lyric on ‎13-11-2016 07:17 - last edited on ‎23-01-2017 03:38 by Community Manager

Is the TV guide likey to be improved?  I find it very frustrating only being able to see "now & next"  when I want to see what's on later, also the lack of channel numbers!  having to scroll through is sooooooo annoying! when youknow the channel number you want it's so much easier to have a remote with a numeric keypad to select the channel you want.


I'd hoped to be able to do away with my youview box so I wasn't having to keep switching from one box to another - oh well -some you win Smiley Frustrated

Status: Open
by Raevelyn
on ‎19-01-2017 03:50

I dont have one of these smart boxes (just the old black ones) but it amazes me that there is no proper EPG on them. Just another reason why i wont invest in one of these so called smart boxes.. they seem such an unfinished product and not really 'smart' at all. My TV in the living room has 7 day EPG and it has a built in record feature (just like a sky box). Thats two things i would expect a smart box to do.


I do hope the guide gets improved, may condiser buying one of these boxes for the other tvs/rooms in the house then.



by IreneCam
on ‎23-01-2017 10:30
It's a right pain. I have downloaded a TV guide app to my android for
which I can check programming but it doesn't help with the quick access.
Let's hope they can sort this quickly. I also read reviews and bought this
for the short pause function to go make a cup of tea! I didn't find any
reviews on the poor guide.
by Community Manager
on ‎23-01-2017 01:30
Status changed to: New
by Community Manager
on ‎23-01-2017 03:38
Status changed to: New
by danielcrawford
on ‎27-01-2017 08:27
Only seeing the current and next 2 programs is ridiculous. I would like to see a more logical interface similar to a TV guide view for Live content with clear indication of programmes that can't be viewed due to rights.
I'd like to see a TV Guide for live content, so that I can browse the programmes that will be showing in at least the next 24hrs (not just the next two movies/shows). I would also like to see a clock on the interface all the time, so I can see what time it is currently and what time the next programme is showing (currently only what time next programme is showing). Yes, it's a minor gripe but it does impact the friendliness of use. Something very frustrating is that after watching a program or film and closing the pop-over player I'll often want to watch something else. I'll scroll to find something like simpsons only to find that it isn't showing anymore - the thing after it is now playing. (That example is taken from the Live TV section.)

I feel it would be trivial to write some javascript (AJAX) to monitor the page load time, and the times that listed content ends. Then when a show end time comes up, initiate a content update or even a page refresh if you really can't be bothered to do the math. Or you could have it poll after a long period of inactivity or when the video player closes... It's easy to do.
by Hobbielancie
on ‎30-01-2017 01:27



If people want the 7 day epg considered you need to go to the ideas section and vote for it. There are only 3 votes so far including mine. The more votes the more likely the idea might be given greater preference. At the moment it seems only 3 people want to see it added. Need more voting support!

by varsas
‎01-02-2017 11:21 - edited ‎01-02-2017 11:28

I just noticed they moved this to the ideas and have voted.


Please also make the channel list customisable either through a favourites list or the ability to reorder the main one.


Please make this the next trial NowTV!

by Hobbielancie
on ‎05-02-2017 09:29

Well done all! Please keep voting if you haven't already. The more votes the merrier.


DaveSmiley Wink

by garethDPhillips
on ‎08-02-2017 01:16

I came to ask this queston, so have added my vote. 


I just bought a now TV smart box, in the hope that I could use it as my sole solutuon for TV, but I cant live with the lack of a full TV guide (not just for Live TV but also for the Sky channels to some extent)


I am having to jump to the YouView box as the guide is so limited. 


Also no channel numbers is a bit odd. I love the logos, but a channel ID would be handy. 


Having no numbers on the (rubbish) remote means we can never jump to a channel, so could we have some categories, at the very least for the HD channels?  Scrolling is a bit painful. 


maybe a suggestion to jump to the HD version of a channel?


Also reminders to watch a program when it is starting? 


Record to USB ?  That would be nice....

by SeeMoreDigital Champion 5
‎08-02-2017 03:11 - edited ‎08-02-2017 03:12

I regularily refer to this Sky 'TV Listings' Guide which covers 7 days Smiley Wink