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7 Day EPG (TV Guide)

Status: Open
by lyric on ‎13-11-2016 07:17 - last edited on ‎23-01-2017 03:38 by Community Manager

Is the TV guide likey to be improved?  I find it very frustrating only being able to see "now & next"  when I want to see what's on later, also the lack of channel numbers!  having to scroll through is sooooooo annoying! when youknow the channel number you want it's so much easier to have a remote with a numeric keypad to select the channel you want.


I'd hoped to be able to do away with my youview box so I wasn't having to keep switching from one box to another - oh well -some you win Smiley Frustrated

Status: Open


Dear NowTV Team


Can you, or will you, allow the Roku Media Player to be installed on our NowTV boxes?


As far as I understand, it will immediately give the USB port functionality which can be readily used by box owners.  And all you would need to do is place the RMP in the App Store and possibly change it's name to either NowTV Media Player or just plain Media Player.


Also, could you place this post in the ideas section.



UK Bob

Status: Open

World Drama

Status: Open
by IanJonno on ‎08-02-2018 01:52

Is there anyway of searching for all the world drama in one place? I'm hard of hearing so the foreign drama's are perfect as they have built in subtitles. Searching through each channel on the entertainment package is becoming tedious and takes forever.


Surely there's an easier way?


Thanks in advance :-)

Status: Open

PLEASE let us skip pre-show promos

Status: Open
by Shaunl23 on ‎21-01-2017 05:04



Can you please add the ability to skip the pre-show promos for future updates?


They're putting me off watching shows such as Southpark where there is one at the start of every single episode.


I agree that they can help us make the most out of our passes by showing us shows we might have missed, but within a few seconds:

  • We already watch the show that is advertised and so don't need to see the promo
  • We know about the show already and have no interest whatsoever in it

Only about 1 times in 50 is there a show that I don't already know about, and if it did grab my attention I would keep watching the promo.


It would just be nice to have a choice in the matter instead of having to endure clips of something we have already seen or don't care about, when we just want to sit down and watch something in our free time.



Status: Open

Sky Sports Catchup

Status: Open
by tolmie on ‎18-08-2017 04:20

I really think its time some kind of catchup service was offered with the sky sports package like the other packages. Considering its the most expensive package its not the most flexible. We are not asking for every single thing thats offered from the on demand section through a sky box but even a some content split over the different sports, the servers already have the content so half the work is done.

Status: Open

SD 'Mobile friendly' data streams to reduce data usage on NOW TV

Status: New
by Andy Legend 5 ‎15-12-2017 09:40 - edited ‎15-12-2017 09:42

Thought this would be in the Ideas Board already but doesn't seem to be. A few people now use NOW TV exclusively via mobile data plans, for instance those with no fixed broadband connection at home, one who live on a boat, campsite etc. Others use mobile data plans for extended periods such as when on holiday in the UK and find that NOW TV consumes a large amount of data very quickly, often leading to extra costs or running out of data allowances.


It would be good if NOW TV could provide an SD-only, or 'mobile friendly' option in the apps to allow such users to reduce data usage when streaming content, in return for an SD only/lower resolution stream.

Status: New

Syfy channel on Entertainment Pass

Status: Open
by Sar853 on ‎28-10-2014 10:11 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:13 by Tom-R

Please Please Please could you add the Syfy Channel? I love the Originals and the Vampire Diaries and would pay monthly every month to watch these.

Status: Open

Samsung smart TV app

Status: Implemented
by jchiscock on ‎24-02-2014 09:53 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:39 by Tom-R

Come on guys, there are numerous requests on here for an app for Samsung TVs, there's really no excuse for not having one. Samsung are one of the biggest TV suppliers in the UK, surely you're missing a big market opportunity?

Status: Implemented

We now support selected Samsung Smart TV's.


To check if your model is supported check here


If you require any support then check out our Samsung Board.


Better Way for Password

Status: New
by 2412 on ‎09-11-2017 10:41
Would it be better if your password could be a PIN because Netflix can do that and can use your mobile number to verify a account

Now tv Sony Bravia app

Status: Open
by Ishmil on ‎13-05-2017 09:22
Will you be creating a now tv app for Sony Bravia TVs as this has been requested quite a few times on here
Status: Open

Can't imagine this would be too difficult because it is how sky and virgin implement the red button.


Add 8 channels (red Button 1-8) and whenever there is a live event stream it.  Ditto Match Choice on Saturday evening.


A total win win because punters like me would get passese knowing they could watch their desired event and Now TV make more ca$h.

The box seems pretty good and I'm looking to ditch my aging freeview PVR.


Are there any plans to add recording freeview to a USB memory stick/hdd? 

If it can already pause live tv for half hour then surely this isn't unfeasible?

Status: Open

Re: Single EPG

Status: Open
by 4268 Champion 4 on ‎10-11-2017 06:55
@mrphil the closest to this is the TV guide on the smart box. It has a tab for Now channels. As you are aware. It still keeps them separate within the app. @Karl-F, @Simon-J could this thread be moved to ideas. I suspect that it would be fairly easy to create a Now guide on the now boxes. Not sure how it would work on other devices as would need to be in app.
Status: Open

Re: sky sports mix

Status: Implemented
by Andy Legend 5 on ‎17-05-2017 02:29

Eddie-M wrote:

Ahh @Andy



No sweat do you want the whole thread moved over?

@Eddie-M I'm happy to let you do it however you think fit!!


Personally the whole thread probably doesn't need including  as it currently contains lots of info about current sporting events which seem to be worthwhile discussion on the main forum.


Do you feel like starting a new idea and crediting @ken242 as the originator of the idea to keep it nice and simple? How about the following:



"Sky Sports Mix is currently available free of charge to Sky TV subscribers, and contains a range of sporting content, including some content not available for viewing on the premium Sky Sports channels. As sporting events often cross over from the premium channels to Sky Sports Mix could we have the channel included as part of the NOW TV Sports Passes to allow fans to enjoy sporting events uninterrupted and in full. Idea originally suggested by @ken242 "



Status: Implemented


Status: Open
by kevinspearson on ‎02-03-2017 11:07

Him id like to out forward the idea that sky sports content should include a catch up service as it costs more than regular sky sports and they do have a catch up service.


if they did i would be more likely to subscribe as more people are turning to altenat methods instead of paying £35 for a rip off service

Status: Open


Status: Open
by Guy on ‎20-07-2012 09:05 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:54 by Tom-R



I think something missing!!!

Like other provider such as Netflix, they offer movies with subtitle at a lower price! 

Now TV should be able to offer that service for must of their movies and, this should normally help deaf people watching films...






Status: Open

NowTV player subtitles option

Status: New
by uffu on ‎18-06-2017 11:38
Hi. I am aware that subtitles are being added gradually to the different platforms to number of shows/movies. That might take few months or years to cover the majority of content.. Can the Windows player have a function to load offline subtitles files as an additional option? It could use the planned subtitles displaying capability in the player, but will give the users more options instead of waiting for the subtitles to be added to their content. Thanks for the consideration.
Status: New

Box Set Expiry Dates

Status: Open
by pethead65 Expert 5 on ‎23-11-2014 11:14 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:11 by Tom-R



This is a suggestion, but I couldn't seem to it post there.  I'd like to suggest that expiry dates are put on all box sets as soon as they are added, so it's possible to plan viewing & work out if there's actually sufficient time to watch them given how much time an individual has avaiable.  I looked at several at random - Betrayal, Brideshead Revisited, Lost, The Office S01 - none of these had expiry dates on.  I appeciate you have the Leaving Soon section, but IMO it would be more useful to have the information to start with.


Status: Open

Universal Channel on Entertainment Pass

Status: Open
by Ambler25 on ‎28-08-2014 10:19 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:31 by Tom-R

Please consider adding Universal Channel

Status: Open

There are so many great shows I'm watching, and what really frustrates me is when I'm near the end of an episode, and say for example, it's a really sad, emotional ending, I get the annoying "Next Episode, Maybe Later, Watch Now" pop up. Totally ruins many endings for me and I'd really like the option to take this off, or at least delay the pop up until the credits actually start!

Status: Open