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Re: sky sports mix

Status: Implemented
by Andy Legend 5 on ‎17-05-2017 02:29

Eddie-M wrote:

Ahh @Andy



No sweat do you want the whole thread moved over?

@Eddie-M I'm happy to let you do it however you think fit!!


Personally the whole thread probably doesn't need including  as it currently contains lots of info about current sporting events which seem to be worthwhile discussion on the main forum.


Do you feel like starting a new idea and crediting @ken242 as the originator of the idea to keep it nice and simple? How about the following:



"Sky Sports Mix is currently available free of charge to Sky TV subscribers, and contains a range of sporting content, including some content not available for viewing on the premium Sky Sports channels. As sporting events often cross over from the premium channels to Sky Sports Mix could we have the channel included as part of the NOW TV Sports Passes to allow fans to enjoy sporting events uninterrupted and in full. Idea originally suggested by @ken242 "



Status: Implemented
by vc13
on ‎17-07-2017 01:49

That looks like it will be in place tomorrow.


Now can Sky Sports News be provided to all on Entertainment/Movie passes as well as those with a Now TV box?

by KevC12
on ‎20-07-2017 08:17
Please add sky sports mix to nowtv. It's billed as a family channel so could be on the entertainment pack. Thanks
by SeeMoreDigital Champion 5
on ‎20-07-2017 09:16

Hi @KevC12,


Sky Sport Mix was added to the new Sky Sports 'themed' line-up on Tuesday 18th July. However, you will need a 'sports' subscription.




by Andy Legend 5
on ‎20-07-2017 11:30

@Karl-F @Simon-J This idea can now be marked implemented if you agree, thanks,

by Community Manager
on ‎20-07-2017 11:35
Status changed to: Implemented

Sky Sports Mix is now available as part of the new Sky Sports channel line up, available with a NOW TV Sports Pass.

by NOW TV Team Niamh-D
on ‎20-07-2017 02:46
Status changed to: Open
by NOW TV Team Niamh-D
on ‎20-07-2017 02:51
Status changed to: Open
by NOW TV Team Kymberly-C
on ‎20-07-2017 03:04
Status changed to: Open
by danielcrawford
‎31-10-2017 04:10 - edited ‎31-10-2017 04:10

Sky Mix has been added to the Sky Sports Pass, this thread needs updating.

by NOW TV Team Graham-S
on ‎31-10-2017 07:21
Status changed to: Open