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Now tv Sony Bravia app

Status: Open
by Ishmil on ‎13-05-2017 09:22
Will you be creating a now tv app for Sony Bravia TVs as this has been requested quite a few times on here
Status: Open
by NOW TV Team Tony-D
on ‎14-05-2017 12:49

Ishmil wrote:
Will you be creating a now tv app for Sony Bravia TVs as this has been requested quite a few times on here

Unfofrtunately there are no plans at the minute @Ishmil Smiley Sad

by gavs82008
on ‎17-05-2017 04:57

As a Now TV customer, I have to be honest by saying I find it pathetic how Now TV is so limited on the number of platforms it is on.

I for one own a Sony Bravia Smart TV and have been waiting an extremely long time which on the "live" chats I have been constantly told its coming soon and more recently I quote 'its coming very soon'.

When is this actually happening???

by gavs82008
on ‎03-07-2017 11:22

Have just seen on the devices not supported section to find that Sony Bravia is now part of the list.

Can I assume that Sony Bravia won't ever get Now TV as an app?

by 00K
on ‎01-08-2017 03:45

Is there a vaid reason for NowTV not being on Sony TVs? Are there technical limitations? Or is it just down to money? In this modern connected world I find it hard to belive that NowTV would not want to offer their product on as many devices as possible.

by NOW TV Team Paul-D
on ‎01-08-2017 06:42
Status changed to: Open
by Yorkshirepud78
on ‎21-09-2017 09:47

Any update on the NOWTV app being available for Sony Android/Bravia TV's?


I've tried sideloading the APK but the orientation was wrong on the TV so seems to work to some degree - so can't be that hard for NOWTV to fix this and make it available?

by NOW TV Team Niamh-D
on ‎22-09-2017 11:01
Status changed to: Open
by MattParr
on ‎22-10-2017 05:56

Looked for the Now TV app on my Sony KD-43X8305C and couldn’t really believe there wasn’t one. Might have made a mistake buying Sony.

by KingBully
on ‎18-12-2017 02:42

Any movement on this?


I would be, reasonably, happy to accept the company line that there exists the ability to cast to a Sony Bravia TV if it wasn't for the fact that doing so registers the built-in Chromecast as one of your allowed devices!  This means that I have to sacrifice a device elsewhere in the household as two devices are now tied up to allow a single screening.

by OrangeFalcon40
on ‎02-01-2018 02:55
I'm shocked to find Now Tv is not supported on my new Sony 4k tv. My old LG HD tv had it and i use now tv to watch Scotland football games. It looks like i will have to cast from my phone. Not impressed.