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More devices!!!!!

Status: Implemented
by perko1987 on ‎12-01-2013 10:40

Hi, I've just signed up for the 30 day free trial and have noticed I can only have 2 devices on my account and 2 changes a month!!!


Personally I think this is not enough. I use one on my xbox for TV in our lounge and my laptop. I would also like to connect my ipad and my wife would like the same. I work away a lot as a service engineer and often watch films on my ipad but with this 2 device limit and 2 changes limit it would mean me changing my main 2 devices constantly between my 4 devices I would like to use. My wife often watches a film in bed on our laptop, so if I was away I'd have to change my devices to Laptop and ipad but when I got home I'd have to change back to laptop and xbox. That's my changes used in 2 days!!


I can see why there is a limit but 2 is to low. I think 3 as a minimum.


Anyone else feel the same?!?

Status: Implemented
by Tom-R
on ‎21-03-2013 15:09
Status changed to: Implemented
by Tom-R
on ‎21-03-2013 15:10

Hi Everyone,


I appreciate you've already seen the news about being able to register four devices and watch on two at the same time, but just wanted to update this idea to show it as implemented.


Regarding why you can only watch on two, this is likely due to licensing.





by rossdunbar
on ‎21-04-2017 11:53

The device limit should be the same as Netflix. Have it available on as many devices as you like but restricted to 2 at the same time. If Netflix can do it (and have been doing it for years, so presumably have got their licensing sorted out), I can't see why Now TV can't.

by SeeMoreDigital Champion 1
on ‎21-04-2017 12:16

Hi @rossdunbar,


Pure 'on-demand' services such as Netflix are different to NOW TV in the respect that they don't offer 'live' streaming of UK television channels, which all copyright protected/restricted.