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More devices!!!!!

Status: Open
by perko1987 on ‎12-01-2013 10:40

Hi, I've just signed up for the 30 day free trial and have noticed I can only have 2 devices on my account and 2 changes a month!!!


Personally I think this is not enough. I use one on my xbox for TV in our lounge and my laptop. I would also like to connect my ipad and my wife would like the same. I work away a lot as a service engineer and often watch films on my ipad but with this 2 device limit and 2 changes limit it would mean me changing my main 2 devices constantly between my 4 devices I would like to use. My wife often watches a film in bed on our laptop, so if I was away I'd have to change my devices to Laptop and ipad but when I got home I'd have to change back to laptop and xbox. That's my changes used in 2 days!!


I can see why there is a limit but 2 is to low. I think 3 as a minimum.


Anyone else feel the same?!?

Status: Open
by pumpernickle
‎14-01-2013 05:26 - edited ‎14-01-2013 05:27

Definitely agree, was actually quite shocked to see only 2 devices allowed, very poor compared to other instant film services. Considering this service is almost 3 times the cost this seems very poor.


by NikkiR
on ‎19-02-2013 04:59

I totally agree.. 


For the price I think 3 wouldn't be a bad start.. 


I have three children.. 2 boys who use the xbox in their room for films.. and we have one downstairs for family use.. now my daughter is old enough, she has a cheap xbox in her room but can't use it for NowTV because we have 2 devices already..


I have had to get her a minimum Lovefilm account so that she can watch films.. and it's totally pants !!! please think about larger families and those that wish to take films on the move !!

by techydan
on ‎21-02-2013 12:39

I understand why it's there, but why the device limits. Why not have it where you can link as many devices as possible and set it so you can only play on one device at a time. If you start playing anything on another device, the first device stops playback. 


I myself use Now TV on the xbox. I tried to use it today on my laptop, and the performance and quality was shocking (Same internet, same room, and I get HD quality on the xbox). Stopped watching it and went to watch it on my iPad instead to get this error. So I've used my one change this month because it's horrible to watch on my laptop (Mac's don't like Silverlight I think). 


However, as I have a iPhone, iPad, Mac and Xbox which could all use Now TV to watch films, however I've now had to decide on what portable device along with the Xbox to use to play content. If you guys have an app/site for each device, and I'm paying for the subscription... Allow me to use it. Stopping playback on one device when you use another isn't a bad option. But making the customer decide one two devices to play on, when others such as Netflix and Lovefilm (Both of which I'm a member of) allow as many as you want, is a bad experience. 

by NikkiR
on ‎21-02-2013 01:40

If you limit to watching on one device at a time that will limit families where the children want to watch something different to the adults but at the same time. 

I have no issue paying the monthly cost I just think a minimum of 3 devices nowadays isn't asking much.

by Sharigon
on ‎21-02-2013 06:13

I definitely agree with this....3 should be a start at the very least.... Most people seem to have, phone, laptop, Xbox, maybe even an app tv....with other family members in the home 2 is just not good enough

by Scotte
on ‎25-02-2013 11:32

I completely agree.


2 devices is a very poor amount for the cost.. In comparison to netflix which is 12+!


i travel around a lot and if it does not increase i will be canceling at the end of the month


we should not have to choose which of the devices we should be restricted to using if we pay so much for the service in comparison.


I have my xbox and laptop authorised not realising that it has now voided my fiance from watching anything on her device.



by madros
on ‎25-02-2013 05:43

I agree, up the number to 3 or 4 and impose a single simultaneous device limit. 

by paul1360
on ‎28-02-2013 09:13

You can now register 4 devices and watch any 2 at the same time and 1 change a month. I have no idea why they have increased to 4 devices and only allow 2 to be in use at the same time, You can't download any content from NOWTV as it's a streaming service only. Maybe somebody from NOWTV can enlighten this thread as to the reason and thinking behind this increase.

iechyd da

by Robin0891
on ‎14-03-2013 11:39

Strange I have my iPhone, iPad, and Xbox 360 all conected. 

by mattyjoyce71
on ‎19-03-2013 04:29

Have to say totally agree here, i would have said 5 devices but 3 on at the same time, as said most people have at least 2 devices and my children never want to watch the same thing.


This is the main reason i only did the 30 free trial,  that and the poor quality on my mac, like watching a ripped film.


Good range of films but not worth it if you and your family cant all use it.