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Individual sports channel pass

Status: New
by maxf2es on ‎25-03-2013 07:54 - last edited on ‎12-05-2015 04:50 by Tom-R

How about extending the SO LIMITED offer of 1 Sky Sport pass per day, that allows you to watch ALL the sports channels only for 1 day, and having the possibility to contract a full Championship, etc nobody can watch all the sports channels at the same time, so what's the sense of the sports day pass??


For instance, somebody interested in watching the full Miami ATP Masters, paying only for that, somebody interested in watching the whole F1 Championship, paying only for that..


Why do I have to pay for Cricket if I am not interested in it?


The current Sky sports day pass is too limited! Sky needs to create more options

by Alan43
on ‎26-03-2013 06:50

NOW TV has a monthly subscription for the movie channels at £15.00 a month.

As a motor sports fan I currently subscribe to ESPN for £11.99 a month through Topup TV. The SKY sports 24 hour pass worked very well for the F1 motor racing

But it would be a lot more appealing if SKY sports were to charge a monthly subscription for each sports channel thus letting us tailor our channels to our requirements?

by Alan43
on ‎02-06-2013 06:45

With all the hype about the BT sports launch isn’t it time NOW sport was available on a monthly subscription. I am sure that there are many people who would be willing to pay the same prices as SKY satellite customers for NOW TV on a subscription bases

by Stoner101
on ‎04-08-2013 03:06


I was just wondering how many people would agree with me when saying that £9.99 is a lot to be asking for a day pass to the sports channels. I think that it would be much better if you could only pay for one channel in particular and therefore the price could be reduced considerably and maybe more people would use the sport service on NOWtv.

If anyone agrees please reply to this post and hopefully NOWtv will have the decency to be able to do this for their customers.

by doppelganger
on ‎11-08-2013 08:11


I'd happily pay £10 per month for this as a stand alone channel.


I WILL NOT pay £10 per day.

by nash67
on ‎03-09-2013 01:58

I agree but have also requested buying a block of say 10 passes for say £50 with the ability to use when you want i.e store them. That way nowtv get the revenue and there is an incentive for loyal customers

by Wisinald
on ‎21-09-2013 01:51

I agree with some kind of change to make the sports pass more appealing. How about 12 hours for £5? 24 hours is too much considering the average person sleeps 8 hours of that. 

by g6hoq
on ‎19-12-2013 10:00

Apologies if its already been mentioned, but as a totally non sports person, I would much prefer a F1 day pass OR a F1 year pass, rather than having to pay for 6 other channels I will never watch. I am sure its a F1 management contractual issue but worth a punt.


by s0ggy
on ‎18-01-2014 07:38

What I would like to see on Sky Sports is the option to buy an Event Pass.  This would allow a customer to purchase a pass for the Ryder Cup for example and be able to watch all the coverage inclusive in one charge.


Other examples could be an Event Pass for the PDC Darts Championship.


Eventually, the ultimate idea would be a Sport Pass which would enable the customer to watch just one particular sport, like a Football Pass, or a Wrestling Pass.

by Goatboy_Ben
on ‎03-02-2014 01:57

When you are with Sky, you only need to subscribe to the HD pack of £10 per month and you get Sky F1 FREE! So to charge £10 A DAY for Now TV customers who only want Sky F1 and not all 6 sports channels is disgusting! I don't have ANY of the Sky Sports channels as I only want F1 and MotoGP, the latter being shown free on EurosportHD. Sort this out Sky, and allow Now TV owners to subscribe to SkyF1HD without all the other channels, and charge £10 a month. That would seriously boost your income!! It's not rocket science :-\

by mplantpot
on ‎11-04-2014 01:23
I think that £9.99 for the six sports channel day pass is far too expensive. So I suggest a single channel pass for say £1.99. I'm a F1 fan and would like to watch races not shown live on BBC. I'm sure there are a lot of your customers like me who only want to watch one sporting event and are put off by having to pay for six channels when they really only want to watch one and I feel that my suggested price of £1.99 is reasonable and would do well financially compared to the current day pass