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7 Day EPG (TV Guide)

Status: Open
by lyric on ‎13-11-2016 07:17 - last edited on ‎23-01-2017 03:38 by Community Manager

Is the TV guide likey to be improved?  I find it very frustrating only being able to see "now & next"  when I want to see what's on later, also the lack of channel numbers!  having to scroll through is sooooooo annoying! when youknow the channel number you want it's so much easier to have a remote with a numeric keypad to select the channel you want.


I'd hoped to be able to do away with my youview box so I wasn't having to keep switching from one box to another - oh well -some you win Smiley Frustrated

Status: Open
by Sarah43
on ‎10-02-2017 08:06
It's scandalous that in this day and age Now TV's so-called smart box tv guide is so poor. It can't be that difficult to upgrade. We want more than just a now and next guide!!
by buk
on ‎14-02-2017 10:47

Completely agree with the comments here. Main reason I bought the box was because it bought freeview,nowtv and catchup into one place. Was expecting a 7day epg (or even 1 day would be fine), but was shocked to see now and next which is not a TV Guide as far as I am concerned. Otherwise love the box

by Hobbielancie
on ‎06-03-2017 10:51

Come on Now TV, where is the 7 day listings!!

by GaryL
on ‎07-03-2017 03:51

I only use the smart tv box on the tv in the bedroom so a 7 day epg isn't that much of an issue but at least being able to see 24 hours would be a reasonable starting point.

by nemov
on ‎18-03-2017 12:03

In terms of user experience, having to press the down button 30+ times to get to BBC1HD channel is ridiculous!! Come on NOWTV - pleassssssse fix this soon!!

by Patrickk45
on ‎22-03-2017 09:40
Just got the smart box, changed from talktalk youview box and wish I hadn't bothered! The lack of tv guide is appalling. It's very basic, very annoying not knowing what's on telly later and not being able to go back seven days to find what you missed and which channel it was on. To think I signed up for twelve months of this!!
by Longy2
on ‎26-04-2017 07:50
Same issue for me...a really good box spoilt by a really poor Live TV user interface. As its now several month since the NOW Team.. reply..can the team give us an update or let us know when the next new box version will be available that solves this issue..
by WeeMisty
on ‎07-06-2017 03:42

I actually find it pretty astonishing that anybody on the NOWTV/Roku development team would ever think a Now/Next TV guide would ever be of use to anybody in the real world, considering a 7 day grid format epg has been the industry standard for years. I wonder how Sky consumers would react if they were suddenly given this same programming format for their paid channels?


Another thing I really hate is having NOWTV and FreeView channels essentially split into 2 separate guides? Why? Who on earth would really want this?

When you consider that Kodi is able to merge multiple live TV sources (OTA, Satellite, Cable and Streamed Channels) into a single 7 day EPG fairly easily, which was achieved by a handful of volunteer developers. Is it not therefore reasonable to assume that with the vast amount of financial backing NOWTV must have that consumers would not expect something alot better than what they are currently being offered?


What is being asked for by every user in this thread is not an unreasonable request, as this is basic functionality that readily available on hundreds, if not thousands of devices already out there on the market.


That's what makes this subject so frustrating, because I really do quite like the overall feel of the NOWTV interface,  but is so let down currently by such a poorly designed epg, which should really be at the core of the overall user experience, since you are principally selling live TV content to view on this device.


I hope you will receive my comments as positive feedback from a user's perspective.



Oh, ps........Remote control could do with buttons for volume as well. Quite irritating having to pick up another remote just to adjust the volume

by Neil78
on ‎25-06-2017 09:23

Any chance the HD channels for 1-5 could be moved to the top of the TV guide or provide a faster way to scroll down to them?

by 4268 Champion 2
on ‎25-06-2017 12:22
@Neil78 given they are not at top of list in freeview or other TV providers then it is highly unlikely it will happen. Currently there is no really quick way. It would be nice if you could create a favourites list of content you can view, however, I can't see that happening soon.