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Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Walking Dead chat *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

@Thom77 wrote:

wouldn't mind seeing things like Stranger Things or Altered Carbon or Black Lightning, so maybe one day Netflix will be on my radar (especially as their stuff is incredibly slow to DVD).

@Thom77 Stranger Things = amazing (esp S1), Altered Carbon =not bad, Black Lightning = surprisingly good plus loads of other delights awaiting you ... The Expanse = stick with it, Lost in Space = great fun, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina = enjoyable (no really!), The Haunting of Hill House = spooky! plus you have all the Netflix Marvel superhero shows (bored of them after first few seasons but you might enjoy them) and so on ....

You get your first month free so easy to give a spin - with the mid-season breaks of lots of shows coming up might be a good oppo to give it a whirl without adding to the Xmas wallet bashing!

Scholar 4

Re: Walking Dead chat *CONTAINS SPOILERS*


I'm sure I'll hit Netflix at some point, possibly in 2019....... might need to trim some things first like my BT TV, which could be on borrowed time, so we'll see what happens.

I like your quick review summary of shows, but your 'amazing' for Stranger Things makes me even more depressed that a UK DVD release is still non-existant, I'm sure I'd have got that by now.  I do like the Arrowverse and I have recently spotted that Black Lightning Blu-Ray/DVD is out in January, so might give that a whirl.  Before streaming kills them off completely, I do like to keep up with the odd DVD or Blu-Ray.