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Sky Sports Racing is coming to NOW TV

Calling all racing fans, we have some great news! Sky Sports Racing will be coming to NOW TV on January 8th! With your Sky Sports Day, Week and Month Pass you'll now have access to 11 Sky Sports Channels! If you have a Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass yo...

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Watching the Premier League on NOW TV

The Premier League is back and with NOW TV you can watch 126 live games all you need is a Sky Sports Pass. You can pick from a Day, Week or Month Pass. Need a little help making your choice? Find out more about the Sky Sports Passes here. All good to...

PL Listing March 2019.PNG
Karl-F by Community Manager
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Sports season

I have just purchased a sports upfront season pass and have received an email confirmation receipt . My account details are showing as purchased but when I click on any sports channel I am being asked to make a purchase .Sky Sports is not automatical...

Paid £199 upfront for Sky Sports Pass

Paid £199 upfront yesterday, and guess what? Now TV doesn't recognize I have access (since I've paid) so I can't log in to watch any of the matches today, especially Man Utd v Chelsea! I've been billed and payment confirmed! What is going here?

Not working

Hi I just paid for a pass and the money has come out my bank but when I log on to my tv to watch it it won’t work and just try’s to get me to purchase another one

Payment taken for daypass

Payment has been taken , my online app says so , but i am being told there is a problem when i click to watch with payment so i cannot log inObviously dont want to get charged twice or same error occuring

Sports month pass

Is anybody having trouble purcashing a sky sports month pass the option isnt showing up in the pass's section?

Unable to watch despite having valid monthly pass

I’ve just used a Sky Sports Monthly Mobile vouchers. It says to use it to simply start watching. But it won’t play. Keeps telling me I need a monthly pass, which I already have! I can’t see any devices registered on my account. Any advice?

No working a sky sport pass

I’ve bought a 1 week sky sports pass voucher and when I have registered at nowtv, I’ve done all the steps and my email is ok and when I’m going to sign in I can’t enter. I don’t know why, anyone could help me. Thanks. 

Only one channel works

Just bought smart stick and months pass for sky sports but only one channel works and that’s the racing channel , get error message for the others 

Sky Sports still 720p

Any news on when and if the NOW TV services will be updating to 1080p in time for the new season of the Premier league? Along with this is there any news on an increase in the FPS of the broadcasts?