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Why not all Sky Sports Premier League Football Games SHOWING?

Why are many premier league football games that are available and showing on Sky Sports not being shown on Now TV? I for instance support Man Utd but many of their games are not being shown on Now Tv even they are being shown on Sky Sports. What is the point in paying the £34 a month when you miss so many games? 


Warmly Tom  

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Legend 5

Hi @TomL 

The Premier League games on NOW should mirror what's on Sky.

Sky have the live broadcasting rights to 128 Premier League games per a season.

Have you got an example where a PL game is on Sky Sports, but not showing on NOW Sky Sports? 

I haven't come across any PL games myself.

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If game in on Sky Sports, it is on Now TV.  Southampton v Man U at weekend was on BT Sport, hence not on Now TV nor Sky Sports