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Unàble to watch


We are unable to watch sports, cricket,.
T20 world cup was the reason why we subscribed...and it is ridiculous that it's coming up with a message, that we are watch on other devices.
We only have one  device that we watch.
We have tried to remove past devices and also have reset password twice today.
Unfortunately it's still coming up with error message "oops! Viewing has stopped as you are streaming simultaneously on the maximum number of devices.....
If you cannot provide services, don't mislead the customers.
Today is the final match of world cup and we haven't watched even one ball...
I strongly feel you should pay me back my subscription fee.
Anonymous User
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Hello. We have found the same on numerous occasions. Tells us we’re watching on too many devices yet we’re only using the one !! So frustrating. 

Anyone have any help or advise for this. Feel I should cancel our membership as we’re paying for a service we’re not getting 😡

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

Assuming you don’t have boost it can take up to 10 minutes I believe for the “device” to become inactive.


From what I’ve seen across the forum other people have suggested logging out the device to watch on another. Far from ideal.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help