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Sports live streaming delay test on different devices

Guys, i was little bored whilst watching the India v Bangladesh game so thought i would test the delay in streaming broadcast compared to DAB/AM radio coverage. 


Below are the results:


1) DAB radio compared to AM broadcast, about a second delay

2) DAB radio on a streaming app compared to DAB radio broadcast, about 10 second delay

3) NowTV box streaming compared to DAB radio, about 30 second delay

4) NowTV app on my android phone whilst on my WiFi compared to DAB radio, about 60 second delay

5) NowTV app on my android phone whilst on 4G compared to DAB radio, about 50 second delay


Interesting that the NowTV box seems to be better than the app.


Hope this is useful for others, back to watching the cricket!


NOTE: My home broadband is Virgin Vivid 350Mb and my home network is based on a Netgear OMNI Mesh setup, my 4G is with EE, my phone is a Huawei Mate Pro 10, my NowTV box is the Smart box with Freeview and i have a Pure Pocket DAB/FM/AM radio.



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Try again in 24 hours and in all likelihood results will differ.  I have identical Now tv sticks and they have different delays at the same time.  Also will differ between Freeview, satellite and cable transmission.

FWIW Freeview is closest to real time as I am experiencing watching Wimbledon.

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Had the same problem while watching Man city v Spurs, had to turn off goal alerts on my phone in the end.


Strange that I am on Now TV live chat asking if there is a delay in the braodcast and i am being told that there isnt.  Apparently they had no knowledge of this and thanked me for bringing it to my attention.


Just wished they would be honest about it.


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I'm surprised they're claiming they weren't aware of the issue. It was the reason why I stopped subscribing in the past. I was tired of hearing about goals from friends on WhatsApp a minute or more before the frustrating.