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I think sky sports should have its own pass just for all football and it could be £9.99 like the others as paying £32 for not a lot else is far too much . I for one would snap the hand off at an offer like that 

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It does have a day membership at £11.99.

Current sports offer on the website for the full month membership is £25 a month for 6 months. Although the cancel game is your friend and it’s got me paying £20 a month for 6 months.

Only rarely will you see offers for £9.99, although I’ve seen a few fellow customers say they’ve got this excellent offer.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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There is the now mobile pass for 9 months which you get with a day pass for £11.98.  If you have a decent mobile phone like a Moto g82 with a 6.6" screen and stereo sound it is pretty awesome.

Also if you sign up for the marketing emails from Now TV there is an offer of £14.99/month for 4 months.  Sometimes there are even offers for £9.99/month.  Will send you a PM with £14.99 offer.

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As offer wasn’t taken up sent it to another user.

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The only reason Sky Sports costs so much is because of Premier League football, that's where the bulk of the budget goes. Strip everything else out and it would still account for the bulk of the cost.