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Skysports season pass

I purchased a season pass obviously last year mainly for football, I phoned up on the day 2nd june, which was the last day I had since the extension, because convid postpone sports, it was gonna automatically renew for £33.99, but I have already paid £199.99 for the season, considering the season hasn't finished and about to start again, I have received a email saying it's been extended again for free, have I missed a trick here or can it be reinstated any help please. 

Cheers B

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I too had a season pass and i recall getting email in April to advise it would be extended for another month free of charge and that they will continue to extend it until they know how the season will end. I just have to make sure my pass remains active an not cancelled. What confuses me is that when i look in the payment section on my account a payment of £33.99 is due on 8 july. So have Now TV gone back on what they have said, will the payment be taken? I assumed there would no further charges until after the remaining fixtures have been completed.