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Sky sports weekly pass

With the US Masters about to start at this very unusual time of the year, I went to my usual NOW TV site to order the week's sport for about £14.99... I won't watch anything else... certainly not interested in football live on tv nor is there anything else that really grabs me.... Only to find you have to either have sports for a day or a month. 


Sorry NOW... sorry SKY.  It's not that I cannot afford £34 or whatever it is... it's just that I think you are money-grabbing.  I do not want a month. I only want the Masters.


I'll stay up late and watch the highlights on BBC instead; or catch up in the morning.

You lose.

Expert 3

Sports pass is currently £25/month.  Or if you have a dish, you can get just Sky sports golf for £10/month.


Oddly it is still possible to get a week pass via Apple TV account


But I agree, the week pass is a miss for golf, test matches and football international weeks.  Luckily I got 3 months of sport for £50 with a stick I bought las Black Friday that I am using right now, so a month costs little more than a week did.