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Sky sports season ticket

Is this deal still running? It keep a saying not available or expired but I thought it ran until 26/8/19?

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RoyB Mentor 2
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Re: Sky sports season ticket



It’s still current, but lots of people are having terrible trouble with obtaining it and/or using it, which NowTV have acknowledged and are trying to fix.


As with the Tesco Voucher offer, I sometimes think the marketing people at NowTV come up with a whizzer of an idea, and just launch it, without ever involving the people who have to code for it 😛

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Re: Sky sports season ticket

I think I’ve missed the boat on the 10 month Sports pass for £199. Is there anyway of getting it? I’ve been paying £33 for the month pass for last 3 months.

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Sky sports season ticket

Hi @Eddie7 


Yep you missed the boat on the 10 month £199 sports pass deal which finished at 23.59 on the 26th of August 2019 😠.


You could try your luck by manually applying this code on the link below if NowTV haven't closed the code yet.


Otherwise maybe try cancelling your £33.99 monthly sports pass to see if you are offered a short term retention deal or maybe look at £25 month sports pass NowTV Gift Cards from places like Argos, Currys etc.

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