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Sky sports 2021/22


Does anybody know if the £25 will still be available for Sky Sports when the new football season starts? 


I spoke with someone on the live chat a couple of days ago, I asked about any promotion for the season and he had no idea lol I tried again with someone different and they just said check my emails or account which will show any promotions.. he didn’t really confirm or deny any promotions, just gave generic answers 


the fact the season kicks off in 3 days and no one has heard anything makes me think there may be no promotion this season 


I would not worry just yet. In the eyes of Sky, the season does not begin in 3 days.  It begins when the first premier league match is played which, I think, is Brentford Arsenal on Friday 13th.

OK the season started late last year, but I did not get my offer until 2nd September.


Here’s hoping


fingers crossed it’ll be available soon 

You may be correct, as I don’t remember when the championship season kicked off last year, though the text of the offer was specific in its reference to the Premiership.

What I can say with certainty is that the deal I had was the first one offered, was announced on 2nd September and was only available until 8th. What I cannot say without checking is when the two leagues kicked off last year.

If I recall correctly, there was another, slightly more expensive deal announced after the 8th, but, whereas I am certain about the 2nd to 8th deal as I still have the emails relating to that deal, I am only working from memory about the second deal.

about 45 mins ago.


Offer is £20 per month for 10 months, payable monthly.  10 months makes sense as season starts earlier.


Signed up immediately and interestingly, it looks like it is a GENERAL public offer of which I just got a personalised heads up as a former customer. I say that because when I went to pay, the system asked me if I was a new client (and offered to sign me up) or an existing client and required me to sign in.


So,I am signed up and all I now have to do is to remember to cancel my auto renewal after the May 2022 payment is taken in order to avoid rolling on at the full price.


Text of email was:


“John, stream every Sky Sports Premier League game with your exclusive Sports Membership offer - just £20 a month for 10 months - cancel anytime.


Catch the latest signings and England heroes in the battle for survival, Europe and the title. Also stream the action from the Women’s Super League, EFL, SPFL and more.


Don't miss out - offer ends 23.59 11th August”


The small print:

Offer ends 11/08/2021. Offer available to lapsed NOW Members that have received a unique code via email. When offer period ends, NOW Sports Membership auto-renews at £33.99pm unless cancelled. You can cancel anytime. Saving based on comparison with standard monthly price of NOW Sports Month Membership Offer lost if you cancel your NOW Sports Membership before the last month of the offer period. Offer excludes existing NOW TV customers currently billed by a third party such as Vodafone/Apple or BT. Offer not available to purchase via iOS or Apple TV devices. You can only have one NOW Sports Membership in your account at any one time.


Says only available to lapsed members, but when I followed the link, did not ask me for my ‘personal code’ and did offer to sign me up as a new member.


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Doesn’t look like this is available in ROI 😔

Hi Everyone,

A number of people have contacted me, by PM, asking if I can send the link from my email.

Unfortunately this is not possible as the system does not allow me to post anything with html coding (which includes links).

Others have pointed out that the offer has not appeared as a general offer.

My only suggestions are twofold.

1. If you have registered with NOW (which you must have done to post on here) and have previously purchased a Sports voucher of any kind, and don’t have a current monthly voucher, then you are a lapsed customer.

So if you log on to your account, even though it is not a public offering, you may be able to see it in My Offers on your account.

If that does not work then
2. Contact NOW on the online live Help Chat and explain that you are aware of the existence of the 10 month offer and could it be made available to you and they are unlikely to turn the revenue away, though they might ask you to confirm your email address (so they can look up your client history) and then send you the offer email.

Sorry that is the best I can do, other than to confirm the deal is about and that you have until 23.49 on 11th to both receive an offer and take it up.

That is the route I used to get my first deal a couple of years back.

Good luck
Another suggestion:
 Follow this “link” (you need to add www and put the dot before com)
/now-tv-sky-sports-month-membership-ps20-a-month-for-10- months-or-pa-25-with-now-boost-3772049
Typed like that to avoid creating an html instruction.

But note that:-

Offer only available to eligible customers who have received the email.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
This week, I are genrally been watching epsidoes on my Sasmung TV