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Sky not talking about the match being played

Is it just me that is sick to death of this? 


The Sheff Utd v Arsenal game, they were on about the Liverpool match from the day before for the entire build up. Never even mentioned Sheff Utd or Arsenal until about 5 minutes before kick off. 


Today, in the build up to Crystal Palace and Leicester, they're just rabbiting on about Everton. It's bad enough that they can't even be bothered to have a studio at the match, you have to look at a completely empty Goodison Park during the build up, at least talk about the teams you're about to show! It's not as if anybody even cares less about Everton. They haven't been relevant for about 30 years, yet Sky talk about them like they're Real Madrid. The bias towards the supposed big clubs is unbearable to watch. Try looking at the table once in a while, Sky bigwigs. 

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