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Sky Sports - COVID-19


This is the only thing (not particularly helpful) that I've been able to find that resembles a statement about the lack of sports. Ahem... I expect we'll all be getting our refunds soon...

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I have been on three separate chats asking for 2 month sports vouchers as I want to cancel my 3 month pass and use the two months that remain at a later time, but have got nowhere.  I don't think there will be refunds.  Three month sports pass + stick costs £99 at Currys and I have got just ONE game out of it in the last 28 days.


This means that our sports schedule is likely to look different for a period of time.


Different?  There is nothing to show!  But I have paid for it, so I should get a two month credit to use when premier league football is on.  What a crock.


Luckily I didn't sign up to Sky Sports. Now you won't be able to give it away for free given there is very little live sport and no football


If Now TV and Sky had any decency the y would give some free films from the Sky Store to compensate for the loss but no. Now you will find that many will just jump ship due to a lack of care for customers


I wil have cancelled all my NowTV after submitting this


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I have Cinema & Entertainment passes, nothing on Sky Store of any real interest.


Still I suppose I can watch all the box sets now there is no football to distract me.  Just don't know why I can't defer the two remaining months on my pass.  Totally pointless right now.