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Re: Sky Sports 10 Month Season Ticket



Are you with BT as your ISP?


If so, check Parental Controls on your router, and if File Sharing is on, disable it.


Then try your Pass again.


Your iPhone might have worked outside of your home, where the wifi didn't reach, if the above was the cause, but in your home it would probably use the WiFi, and so hit the same issue.



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Re: Sky Sports 10 Month Season Ticket



Just following from my earlier post, and in case it helps anybody and not been confirmed already.


I paid for the 8th August for final month of my old offer (expires 8th September).  I have then today been able to purchase the 10 month pass , and it automatically added to my account to start at the end of my old of my old pass (9th September).


So does appear as if @schnapps  original post was correct,  and that you should be ok to buy the pass if you are in the last 30 days of an offer.