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I am unable to rewind more than 2 minutes on sky sports channels. 
I used to be able to rewind for 30mins.  
I am able to rewind 30 mins on entertainment channels.  
is there an issue with rewinding sports live channels?

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for raising this issue and for all the information you provided. I'm pleased to say that we have resolved this issue. You will now be able to Live Pause all Sky Sports channels for 30 mins on compatible devices.


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Hi @Roms872 

Somebody over on Twitter also reported this yesterday when watching Sky Sports F1 using the live pause feature.

I haven't got access to check either my NOW box or Roku Stick to see if it's more widespread.

I could check my devices later tonight with my NOW Sports TV Membership.

There was a planned scheduled maintenance related to live pause by NOW a year or two back, where only 2 minutes of live buffer storage was available, but this was across all live TV Membership and not just live Sports.

NOW Twitter Help tweeted back that they are not aware of anything similar to the above.

Perhaps report it to NOW live chat.


Hi thanks for the replies.  It seems possible that the rewind issue is down to nowtv maintenance updates or engineering problems. 
it does appear only to affect my live feeds on sky sports. 
I also had this same problem in the past although then it did affect the entire nowtv output and not just sports. 
I am hoping it will be sorted soon enough as it is a bit annoying but with no live f1 or premier league footy for a week or so I am happy to see if it right’s itself. 
If not then I will start a new report with now live chat. 


My live pause/rewind isn't working today on Black Box Sky F1

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Same here when testing the live pause feature on my Roku Stick Plus when on the live NOW Sky Sports Football channel.

@Simon-J please can you feed this information back to the relevant NOW Team, where it seems like you only get under 2 minutes of live pause on the live Sky Sports channels.

Where live pause seems to be functioning fine on the live NOW Entertainment and NOW Cinema channels from my quick 10 minute test.


I am following this topic with interest, I never knew that pause/rewind was ever available on live streams? 

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It was on a handful of devices.

You can pause and rewind the live TV channels for up to 30 minutes with any of the supported devices below: 

  • All NOW devices (NOW Smart Stick, NOW Smart Box with 4K & Voice Search, NOW Smart Box with Freeview, black NOW Box) 
  • All Roku devices
  • Apple TV HD (4th gen) or 4K
  • BT TV Box (rewind for up to 2 hours).
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Roms872 @schnapps @m4ttgtr 

Thanks for posting about this. Can you tell me if this is still happening for you?




Hi thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately I am still having the rewinding problems with all sky sports channels.  Only able to rewind for 1 min.  
it is only affecting sports channels. 
all entertainment and movies are able to pause /rewind for 30 mins. 
this is at 1400 hrs on 21/03/23. 



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Make sure to tag the person you’re replying to. As they won’t get a notification of your reply.

@Simon-J fyi

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help