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Refund Sports Pass as F1 postponed

I bought a Sports Pass last night, about an hour before the Australian GP was postponed. The Bahrain and Vietnam GP are now postponed and the Chinese one cancelled!


I don’t watch other sports!


Am I able to get a refund on what I have paid our already and then start my subscription again in May when the F1 season begins?


I just had a webchat and got a full refund on mine..£198

I mentioned a 14 day cooling off period and the fact that they are still advertising 22 races, when china and aus are CANCELLED and its looking like bahrain and vietnam are POSTPONED but realistically that means cancelled. I'd be surprised if they fit them in during the year.

So the year will be less races, probably behind closed door and a day pass for each will work out cheaper and you may be lucky enough to get cashback or a voucher


good luck mate

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Here's the smallprint:


Cancellation period for any content passes: You have the right to cancel your purchase of a NOW TV content pass, and receive a full refund without giving any reason, any time up to 14 days (“cooling-off period”) from the later of: (a) the date of purchase; (b) the date of delivery (for content passes which are redeemed using a voucher code we send you or you have purchased as part of a bundle); or (c) receipt of this notice, except where: You activated a Sky Sports Day Pass or a Sky Sports Week Pass and agreed at that point that you lost the right to cancel, or you purchased or activated any of our other Passes and agreed at that point you lost the right to cancel.

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@UncleZen Not sure how you got an immediate refund - im getting this from their web reps:


  • Customers will be given a free Sky Sports Week Pass to cover any race that is postponed to outside the season ticket period.
  • All affected customers will automatically be sent a code via email they will be able to redeem when the race is rescheduled.


  • appreciate you have brought this to our notice in the cooling off period but at the moment I am unable to process the refund as we have escalated theses cases to the relevant team who are working on it.
  • The team will get int ouch with you via email and assist you about the refund.
    I dont watch any other sport - just wanted F1, and now the season is likely cancelled, i have requested a full refund....

I cant believe it either, but I did. The refund is processed in a few days. I have a transcript of the chat. If there's any funny business

I also notice that the webpage has changed, here:

Notice how it did say all 22 races live, even after China was cancelled.




And now it just says all races:



Its not too bad I suppose if races are postponed. But realistically, knowing how tight the F1 calendar is and what with the virus, I'd expect a lot of cancellations.


I suppose if you have activated the pass and watched many hours of coverage from the F1 or other channels you might be on a sticky wicket.


As a last resort, if you paid by CC, try a section 75 claim, especially as the advert did say all 22 races when you signed up. If have a screen shot of you want it.




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I activated my pass when i bought it (why wouldnt you?)

I watched a small amount of content from last year simply to get in the mood for the new season.

It's worth noting that for the stuff I watched I had already paid nowtv for last year as I subscribed then. Surely they wont keep the cost of the pass because I watched Johnny Herbert and Rachel Brookes fly around Albert park in a seaplane?? I basically saw re-runs of the filler in between races.


The races will not be rescheduled, there isn't enough time in the year.


I'm looking at charging-back through my bank as nowtv don't want to talk about a refund this evening.


If it comes to that I wont be using nowtv again.


It's times like these when you find out how honorable a company actually is.




I purchased a 1 month Sky Sports pass yesterday primarily to watch The Players Golf championship but today it has been cancelled together with all other professional tournaments. Also, there is going to be pretty much no other live sport to watch for the next month. I other words, NowTV cannot provide the service I've paid for and should surely consider refunds. Can't get through to them on Live chat to talk about it. Anyone else as peeved as I am?


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Yes, I'm peeved.


They should admit we aren't going to get what we paid for and refund us. The outcome of which would be I'd happily buy a pass for any races that do go ahead on a monthly or weekly basis.


Or they could just ignore us and keep the money. In which case I'll not use them again.


I for one wont take it lying down and will be looking into raising the profile of this though any means possible. That means not just using this daft notice board, but by other means too.

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I have tried to get my passes suspended till live sport return don't seem to be having much luck and i have paid till June. Any one got any advice ??  

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Today is the first day I've managed to use Live Chat.


After 5 minutes, they have cancelled my pass with immediate effect, but given me a voucher code to use once the F1 season begins.