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Rain Checks

I don’t suppose Now TV do rain checks do they?  I saw the test match had resumed on a feed, but when I switched to Sky Sports Cricket, it is raining again.

4 and a bit overs and I haven’t seen any of it!  Been on for about 20 minutes.

14:07 - 14 20 and 14:44 -14:51 according to Guardian
Had I been able to go I would get a full refund...

DAYS 1-4:  If play is restricted or does not take place at the ground on the day for which this ticket is valid, you will be entitled to a refund of only the match ticket value subject to there being: (a) 15 overs or less because of adverse weather conditions or completion of the match a full refund; (b) 15.1 overs to 29.5 overs because of adverse weather conditions or completion of the matcha 50% refund

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Restart at 3.30pm

Maybe this time they’ll be able to stay on for more than a few balls. Theoretically play can continue until 7.30pm tonight, but the chances of the light being good enough for that are... small.  So much for my scheduling of the week pass to watch this 😞


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And after 17.4 overs coming off for bad light. 


So 50% refund?