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I cancelled monthly passes in April and May 2019. I did not use them and cancelled both.

Why have I not received a refund of the £66 NOWTV took from my account?

It seems in [voucher code removed] 'cancel' means 'suspend' for 12 months and then 'lose it altogether'.

If I were to activate now I am told I have 2 months viewing available but then will be charged £5.99. For what? If I don't activate then I lose the £66 altogether in 2 months time.

That's highly misleading and legally incorrect. When a contracting party agrees to cancel a contract it is Terminated and a refund is due. do the NOWTV T&C's make this clear? Where can one read them?


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@Anonymous User 

I would assume if you applied the voucher, it then picks that up and when the voucher runs it course you will automatically move onto the monthly payments for such pass. 


What pass or passes did you get via voucher? 


Check the below link for options to get in touch. If you choose 'I still want to complain' you will then get options for either Live chat or fill out a form.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help