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Premier Sports Rights Restriction Message

Hi there,
I bought a Sports Extra pass on Now TV Ireland tonight so I could watch the Stanley Cup Final on Premier Sports on my laptop.
Mid-way through the third period, at approximately 3:40am Irish time, the coverage cut out and I was left with a message saying this is not available to watch on your device due to rights restrictions.
Missed two Tampa Bay goals!
Did anyone else have this issue? Not sure if it's an issue with NowTV or Premier Sports. Just hoping this doesn't happen for the rest of the series.
I watched the Stanley Cup final on Premier through Now TV with no issue last September if it helps.
- Nick Rabbitts
Elite 3

@Anonymous User this has happened a number of times before and seems to be a Premier Sports issue. See below thread where both Irish and UK viewers were blocked from content.


Premier Sports didn't tweet anything last night but I doubt anyone there was awake!