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Poor picture quality. The football varies between pixielating and reasonable viewing continuously.

I bought the six month monthly package last week. Sadly, the football pictures vary from good to pixielated so badly that you can't see the numbers on the back of the shirts. However, when the adverts come on they're pin sharp in magnificent 3d. Then the football comes back on and the quality drops instantly.

My TV is a 6 month old Sony Bravia so it's not that.

Any suggestions warmly welcomed.

Is it broadcast like this so you must upgrade to get a better picture?

Thanks, G.

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Legend 5

Hi @GaryC 

Are you streaming over Ethernet or Wi-Fi on your Sony Smart TV ?

What are the other streaming Apps like when it comes to picture quality.

Ideally Ethernet would be more stable.

Things I would try is the Google DNS server on your Smart TV and temporary test disabling IPV6 either on the TV or Router if you have this feature.

NOW Sky Sports PQ with Boost is stable for me apart from I can see the camouflage artefacts on soild backgrounds which is annoying.

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Standard 720p images shouldn't be that bad. Perhaps there is a setting on your TV that you can tweak?