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Peter Drury v Martin Tyler

Sorry Sky, but listening to Peter Drury commentate on Burnley v Man City was about a million times better than having to listen to the corpse of Martin Tyler snooze through 90 minutes wondering "what he came in here for" and moaning about the noisy fans waking him up. I'd completely forgot how good Peter Drury was. Ridiculous how much work the likes of Tyler and Jonathan Pearce get in comparison to the brilliant Drury. 

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Re: Peter Drury v Martin Tyler

Back in the days of Sky analog (a generation ago) you could just switch to the crowd noise and not listen to any of the old f@rts commentating. And the continued reference to industrial language causing offence.  FFS!


Was a lot better than nowadays.  Martin Tyler must be so old, I remember him commentating back in the 1970s.

Also other good things from pre-Sky were not having the picture obscured with indents, the scorelittle square boxes and all manner of pointless facts and statistics.  


I enjoy watching the TG4 transmissions of GAA via GAAGO cos I can't understand a word they are saying and can concentrate on the game.