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Now Tv

Bought Now tv pass to watch ni matches, now been moved to sky owned prenier sports, cant watch on now tv, Gonna Phone some poor ###### tomorrow and try to get money back from his greedy ass employers. 

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Legend 5
Legend 5


If you bought a day membership this is stored on your account for up to a year.


So it can be used at a later date.


There is NO phone number for TV memberships so threatening to call won’t get you very far.


Live chat is the best method to getting any form of refund. Just make sure you click “chat online” within the green box and not “get help quicker”.

Or email support using the address in the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@MurdochSucks just for reference, Premier Sports are nothing to do with Sky and are a completely separate company.


Also, the Murdoch's have nothing to do with Sky. They sold up a number of years ago to Comcast.