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NFL games on now tv - who makes the choices

Anyone know how NOW TV chooses NFL games? Last season they had the Cleveland browns on 5 times and they’ve been on twice this season already!  How in the world do we complain and get them to show games that people in the UK are interested in? Every game they televise is blacked out on NFL Gamepass so when there is a game one wants to watch, you’re forced to buy a NOW TV pass. It’s nonsense! Help!!

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Hi @69524 


This is a customer to customer forum and your complaint won't be heard by NOW on here.


Because NOW are just mirroring the Sky Sports channels and it is Sky who decides what games that they can broadcast then you really need to complain directly to Sky.


Here's a email address below if you want to send them a complaint.


viewerr @ (i had to insert gaps on the email address otherwise the forum software would block it).




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@69524 the deal Sky negotiated gives them a minimum of 5 games per week live including first pick on the 6pm and 9pm Sunday games. 1 other Sunday game, the Monday and the Thursday game are the same as broadcast in the States.


Given that is 1/3 of the games live every week, I'd say that's a good spread of fixtures and teams.


As @schnapps has said, you'll need to ask Sky why they pick those 6pm and 9pm fixtures.