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Late streaming of Football matches.

What happened last with Sunday's live football match between Newcastle v Arsenal. Date 07/05/2023. The stream from NOWTV was 10 mins late. The score came up on my phones BBC app before I watched it on my TV. My complaint to BT who provide NOWTV via their box was useless. They just stated there was an outage with NOWTV's system. No offer of compensation for poor service. I must point out this is not the first time this has happened. Might as well use one of those illegal sites where this kind of problem happens all the time but they are free to watch.

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Hi @Jack-the-Lad 

I watched the live Newcastle v Arsenal match on Sunday and didn't notice a delay of the kick off time when watching on NOW.

Though I am not a BT or BT TV customer, where if you was experiencing a 10 minutes delay then that would be totally unacceptable in my opinion.

There would be a time lag latency delay unfortunately when streaming over the internet compared to watching over the air or Satellite, but this is usually under 2 minutes from my experience, where it is the same if you compared watching a live event on BBC iPlayer against Freeview where the BBC iPlayer would lag behind.