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Is NOWTV breaking the law by not providing any form of contact

Convenient the Now TV chat system shut down, when the rest of the world is coping perfectly well with online working.


Nice if you like football - free extended passes.


Rest of sport(s) fans can get lost and subsidise the football losses.


I would question the legality of cutting off contact, whilst continuing to take money for a service NowTV can no longer provide.

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Hey Mikey


The only way to find out if what Now TV is doing is legal or not is to take them to court.


So Mickey, if you've got the money you can find out.






Elite 3

They're no different to many of the companies who use Indian call centres. 3 Mobile and Barclay's are the same.


Funnily enough, something to do with not giving employees access to our financial details while sat at home on a computer!


As for contact, it's still available through email, post and for broadband users - telephone!


Anonymous User
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are you on a month-to-month Sports pass?


If so, why don't you simply cancel it until the sports you want to watch resume?