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I am really really getting p'd off now NOW

We left sky for the simple reason that we could not afford it.. 


We read some reviews about NOWTV and thought it would be ideal. 


After a few months, we tried cancelling the sports package after "continual payments"... And were told for some reason that out assumed and advertised option of NOWTV was a basic payg service... Alas not.


Were charged, so contacted customer services and was told that WE were to blame and should have cancelled it?!?!


Then we found out that argos were offering YOUR PACKAGE for £8 cheaper, so we went for that option.... Not a chance!




Automatically charged for this payg service!?!?


Tried cancelling again and were told we needed to log in on a browser... So that we did.... And since then... Two more charges!!!


Absolutely a joke!!


We want the option of choosing whether or not we have sky, just as you advertise and are fooking fed up with complaining and getting zero response 

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NOW are awful for not being transparent. I've just been done again for a months cinema and entertainment packages totalling over £20 when it wasn't requested. I bought vouchers on Amazon for a fraction of the price months ago but they don't make it clear that when you start using these vouchers you are setting up a repeat subscription that has to be manually cancelled online. They've had me a couple of times doing this, my fault for not remembering to cancel but it's still a poor way of doing business, they are sharks really but will tell you it's all there in the small print which it is so it's legal, what's really wrong is that they can lawfully trade in this way, the policy is as much to blame for the crap service. The dongle is rubbish too, the technology glitchy at best which makes it hurt even more when you've been done by these cowboys.