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Have NowTV reduced the Frame Rate for Sports with a Boost Pass on other Devices ?

Just switched on and tested both my NowTV 4K box and Roku Stick Plus and whilst watching Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Football and from my eyes the frame rate looks like 25fps and not 50fps with my Boost Pass (might be my eyes playing tricks on me) but the two streams look poor in comparison from yesterday.


i wonder if NowTV have throttled back the frame rate on our devices (like the Youview boxes) since all the complainants during the England League of Nations match the other night ?


I have checked my Cinema and Entertainment pass and it still looks fine at 1080p to me so i doubt it's an issue with my Boost Pass on my account.

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It certainly appears to have been reduced to me. Watching a ball's stuttering progress across the screen isn't my idea of a quality service. No doubt the reduction in frame rate is considered a fix for the issues we experienced during the England v Belgium game and other games also. This simply isn't good enough. If this isn't properly fixed very soon I shall have to get my content elsewhere.

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This seems to indicate why 50FPS has not been rolled out to all Sky Sports Channels and the on demand content it appears there there is an issue in bandwidth or the CDN itself.

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Don't know if this is a blip, but just checked Sky Sports Main Event and the cricket looked to be back at 50fps 😀.


Once the adverts have finished i am going to double check the Sky Sports Football channel to see this has been resolved also (fingers crossed).

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Looks like Sky Sports Football is back to 50fps also 😁.


Yes, it looks like it is fine tonight on Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports Main Event with a 50fps stream. 


When I complained about the football being at 25fps on Sky Sports Football I was told to buy a new monitor or TV as there was nothing wrong the stream being delivered. I was also advised that 50fps is not promised as part of the service in spite of it being clearly indicated as one of the benefits of having the Boost Pass.


I am extremely unhappy that no formal acknowledgement was made by NowTV of the issue with the streaming quality last night or any compensation being offered to Boost customers for the failure to provide the service that we pay for.

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I cancelled my passes. What a waste of time and money. And the customer service, oh god.. they have no clue of what's going on. I've had enough. Now TV is a joke.

As others have observed, channels seem to be back to 50fps and full hd. No acknowledgement of the issue, making up customer internet problems to dodge responsibility, no willingness to offer goodwill refunds or compensation


Clueless chat customer service reps...kafka would wonder if they are basing their service on his work...seriously I would prefer to deal with 19th century bohemian bureaucracy than those clowns in the chat. 


Does anyone here have a line to nowtv? Will they ever apologise for this discraceful farce? Shall we try and contact the ombudsman? 


Good luck staying sane with nowtv gang