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F1 season pass 2021

Will this happen? If so I hope it's not going to cost too much more than £200 as I am on a limited budget as it is
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Sorry bud Now TV has ditched the annual passes, most likely due to Covid and the hassle they had with extending passes etc.


Any offers will be based on your account. If you go to “my offers” within the passes section, you’ll see a red banner for “offers”
This will change constantly and most times you check this out the offer will change or just disappear, so take screenshots if you see one that you think is worthwhile.

Also the “offers” part of the main site will show what standard offers are available.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

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I think it’s disgusting. I only want to watch F1, did a live chat with now tv last week and they assured me there would be an F1 pass offer today, I don’t hold out much hope, but how can some people get 9 month for £20 and other not get the deal? What an absolute con! 

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Live chat are a waste of time and space, spent an hour messing around with them earlier today, after they collect your details keep you waiting for 5 mins and disconnect you, start again, give all details, can only give the £25 month offer and say £20 is by e-mail only, collect all details again, verify your account security and check that you on generic e-mail offers list, still can't give the £20/month offer and ask you to wait for an e-mail for £20 if your lucky.


Customer non-service at its very finest.

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Yup I agree total waste of time! 

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If you look how now tv treat there customers it’s quite obvious they don’t have any customer care at all.They have a complete monopoly of F1 at the moment so they don’t care.



As I find NowTV one of the most painful things to cancel, I don't want to be doing that so many times over the year, so if the cost difference is only a few pounds with this 6 month deal, i would just about accept that.


From my calculations, if you buy this 6 months rolling deal at the latest moment, you will just about be able to cover the Russian Grand Prix weekend. This adds up to £150, but may involve skipping the practice sessions of the first race or miss the Russian grand prix (my maths is bad though)


Then if you buy a month pass on the 1st of October, this will cover 4 races including in Mexico on the 31st of October. So far, you are at £183.99.


The following month pass should be bought as this guide suggests:

On Saturday the 6th of November (just enough to cover the main sessions of this weekends race) to the 5th of December which just covers this weekend too. Now at £217.98. At this point you only have Abu Dhabi left. IMO, it won't be worth buying a month pass and it often isn't a very interesting race anyway unless the championship is still open. Anyway, with 2x £9.99 for qualifying and the race, it ads up to £237.96.


I would say that is worth it as you won't need to go through the cancelling procedure much during the first 6 months. That is horrible to deal with. You go through about 10 pages of them asking you questions on why you want to cancel with huge buttons trying to make you buy a deal again and making cancelling a complicated process. They then send you emails with links to buy it again for several days after. I want to cancel as few times as possible, even if it costs a tiny bit more.




One thing that does confuse me is the bullet points about the month membership compared to adding NowTV Boost.


It says NowTV Boost is 1080p, which I believe is correct. But it says the standard sports month membership deal is standard definition! Is that true?? Standard definition when there was 1080I on freeview over a DECADE ago on free to air channels like channel 4 that technically didn't even require you to pay the BBC TV licence fee.


1080p should be the default now for any sort of pay TV. If it isn't 720p by default like it used to be (still not good), I think I will not accept it. It is just ridiculous.

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Hi @TheGiantHogweed 


Perhaps this linked below NOW maximum streaming quality table will help ? 

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If it isn't 720p by default like it used to be (still not good), I think I will not accept it. It is just ridiculous.


it is 720p by default.   Main reason I use Now TV over Virgin.  Though I also get boost for sport as it is worth the extra £2/month (retention offer).

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Cancellation is pretty simple and they soon get around to start offering you discounts. Its worth the minute answering the couple of questions. Last years season, after cancelling a few full price passes, we were down to £25/month then £19.99/month without asking. All for a minute or so's work. Whether that happens again this year is anyone's guess, but I've based my costings on it not happening and if it does its an extra bonus.


First thing I do after paying for the pass is cancel it. Then I don't have to remember to cancel it before it accidentally rolls over. So no risk in forgetting.


Paying month on month also reduces the risk of paying 6 months up front and the F1 schedule changing.  Last year with the F1 season pass, NowTV were proactive in fully refunding, but if you get a general sports pass and only F1 is affected, I don't think they will be so accommodating because they could argue that you still got benefit from other sports, even if you don't watch anything other than F1.


They are definitely not being fair, a quick look on the Ofcom website:


"Telling customers when their initial deal is up, and the best deal. Under new Ofcom rules
announced last month, broadband, phone and TV customers must be told when their contract is
coming to an end, and shown the best deals available, from February next year. Out-of-contract
customers will have to be given reminders and shown the best deals every year. This will help people take advantage of the wide choice of offers available. With more than 20 million customers having passed their initial contract period, we believe this could have a significant positive impact"