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F1 season pass 2021

Will this happen? If so I hope it's not going to cost too much more than £200 as I am on a limited budget as it is
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Sorry bud Now TV has ditched the annual passes, most likely due to Covid and the hassle they had with extending passes etc.


Any offers will be based on your account. If you go to “my offers” within the passes section, you’ll see a red banner for “offers”
This will change constantly and most times you check this out the offer will change or just disappear, so take screenshots if you see one that you think is worthwhile.

Also the “offers” part of the main site will show what standard offers are available.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

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I know about the £20 per month offer for all sports. Thats no good. I only want F1.


You can’t have just F1 on Now TV.

You can’t have just F1 on Sky.

You can’t have just F1 from any provider in the UK.

I only want Sky Atlantic, but I have to have all the other channels.  

There is an F1 channel on 24/7, you don’t have to watch any other channels.  You can watch it on two different screens at the same time to make sure no one watches any other sport.  You can even watch all the on demand of F1.   

I only follow GAA in the summer and I have to pay full whack to watch a couple of games at the weekend.  I would love a 24/7 channel + on demand for £20/month.


Ultimately £20/month is as good an offer as you will get. Take it or leave it.



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@SweetBlitz I'm pretty sure the point is we want the £20pm but only a select few customers are getting it at that price so am unsure what your point is really?

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With the £25 a month offer is it possible to therefore get the season (minus a quali session) for £228?


i.e. Bahrain day pass £10 

6 months offer pass (17th April-17th Oct) £25 x6 = £150

2 month passes (22nd Oct-22nd Dec) = £68


Total = £228


@Anonymous User the £25 a month offer ends on the 11th April so I’m not sure that will work

That isn’t to say there won’t be more offers in the future though 

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Out of principal they can shove that offer where the sun doesn't shine. 

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So Germany gets it at €19.99 (£15) 

Which is sky exclusive and Italy gets it with no discount albeit works out to £25 (€29.99) 


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@hinz If you had to do the 11th April-11th October that would also be ok for the same price. Would that work?




@Anonymous User yep actually your right that would be fine. Japanese GP is on the 10th Oct and then the next race is not until late October so you could subscribe again at that point for £33.99 per month for two months. 

have to say though I’m still super annoyed at the price difference and certain offers being made available to a select few. Makes my blood boil


not sure if I’ll be signing up

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I can't get the 6 months pass to work cheaper than I can get the full monthly passes, and thats without the possibility of an offer down the line as happened last year when cancelling a monthly pass.


From quick calculations, but being cautions with pass end dates.


I can do all the races less 2 days of practice but benefitting from the free Channel 4 coverage for British GP. This requires 7 monthly passes, total cost around £238.

26/03-25/04, 30/04-29/05, skip BAKU practice 05/06-04/07, Channel4 18/07=British GP, 30/7-29/08, Skip dutch GP practice 04/09-03/10, 08/10-07/11, 19/11-18/12


if I use 6 months at £25/month, but starting first quali of the opener, I need an additional 3 monthly passes to cover the shortfall, total cost around £252.

6m=Skip Sakhir practice 27/03-26/09, 1m=01/10-31/10, 05/11-04/12, 05/12-04/01


I am sure there are other versions


IMHO, practice and qualy of season opener is probably some of the most interesting sessions.


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Here we are again, another F1 season, another mickey mouse situation having to buy one pass one month, hop on one leg, buy a different pass next month, hop on other leg.


Why do NowTV treat customers so badly, some get £20/month e-mail, some get £25/month on web others get only £33/month standard.


Would it not be in the best interests to have one fair priced pass for F1 for the whole season or a monthly F1 pass without all the other channels that most F1 fans don't care for?