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Chromecast black out and juddering

Hi all. 

I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing similar to me. 

I watch sky sports on Now TV via chromecast with the boost. In the past I've had no issues at all regarding playback.

However recently I've noticed when watching on chromecast, every 15 mins or so my screen will turn completely black for a second and then resume, but with horrible picture quality and extreme juddering. This continues until I restart Now TV app and restart casting. 

Really frustrating particularly as I'm paying for the boost. Does anyone have any fixes?

For reference : Now TV and Google Home app have been fully updated. I've tried all the usual, such as rebooting chromecast but no luck. No issues with using chromecast through any other streaming app such as BT sport, Netflix, channel 4 etc.


Obviously don't want to cancel but may need to watch using other streams! 



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