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Can we pause sky sports?

Can I pause sky sports? 
since there is no sports on. Sky have paused their sports for their customers!!

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is the charge for sky sports bought though NOW TV paused, like sky customers

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

There is no such thing as pausing a pass with Now TV, it is either purchase or cancelling a pass. 


If you want to try get a refund or "another" pass you can try filling out this form as Live chat is closed now.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Anonymous User
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Now TV has been useless about this - the only information available is completely non-committal waffle.

I have “cancelled” my Sports Pass today - I was daft enough to purchase a 10 month one back in Aug19. The same rigmarole about how wonderful the deal is still remains in place while you attempt to cancel...

Obviously, I can still keep watching (nothing worthwhile) until the expiry date of late June.

It works out that I am currently out of pocket for over £70 for the pleasure of paying in advance for a service that now does not exist.

I’ll be avoiding Now TV like the plague in future after this experience.