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I bought the month pass and it says you would get a code for the Joshua fight but it didn't even mention boxing when a went in and bought the month pass can anybody tell me what's happening please 

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Hi @Anonymous User

I know the previous Joshua Fight nowtv was offering a free code to watch the fight on Sky Sports Box Office App if you purchased a nowtv month sports pass.

From memory the code was sent by email on the day of the fight, there was a few complaints that customers didn't receive the code before the event started (perhaps nowtv & neulion the App provider have learnt a lession and will issue the code earlier than the last minute).

I haven't seen any free code offer for the latest Joshua Fight when you buy a nowtv month pass perhaps it a selective email to customers (maybe read the full T&C's of the offer about how the code works for the fight).

This is the only information i could find in the nowtv help centre about the coming Joshua fight.


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OK thanks

Donald clark

On 8 Sep 2018 5:25 pm, donny clark wrote:

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Hi @Anonymous User

Have a read of this copied & pasted from the Joshua Help article from the NowTV Help Centre.

The Big Fight Bundle gives you a Sky Sports Month Pass and the Joshua v Parker fight for just £19.95. If you’re eligible for the offer, you’ll receive an email from NOW TV.

How do I sign up for the Big Fight Bundle?

To grab the offer, just click Claim your offer in the email and sign into your NOW TV account with your email address and password. Check the details and select Pay now. Make sure you sign up by 20 September to get your Big Fight Bundle.

Your Sports Month Pass will start right away – just head over to to start watching.

You’ll receive a voucher code to order the fight for free by email in time for the big day on Saturday 22 September .

When can I start watching my Sky Sports Month Pass?

Your month of sports starts as soon as you sign up for the Bundle.

As well as the Joshua v Povetkin fight, you can also catch Ryder cup action and some huge Premier League games in the next month.

How do I apply the voucher code and order the fight?

If you're eligible for the offer, you’ll receive an email with a voucher code to order the fight for free.

Make sure you don’t delete this email. You’ll need to apply the code at You won't need to enter your card details.

Then just follow the steps above to download the Sky Sports Box Office app on your NOW TV Box or Smart Stick, or watch online when the fight rolls around on Saturday 22 September.

I can’t find the email with the voucher code. What should I do?

Your voucher code will arrive by email before 22 September so don’t panic if you don’t get it right away.

Still haven’t received your voucher code on fight day, or deleted the email by accident? Don’t worry – just get in touch by Live Chat and we’ll send you a new one.

My voucher code doesn’t work. What should I do?

For any issues with your voucher code, email [email removed].

I didn’t receive an email – can I still get the Big Fight Bundle?

No, sorry. The Big Fight Bundle is only available to NOW TV customers who receive the offer by email.

If you’re eligible for the offer, you’ll have received an email from NOW TV.