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Blotchy / Blocky Picture On Sports Channels

When watching the sports channels with boost activated the picture has a blotchy / blocky effect. The stream is certainly 1080p and 50fps watching through my now tv stick. The same issue isn't present watching BT Sport through youview or other channels. Its very noticeable on green grass when the camera is panning around and even more so on darker backgrounds. This isn't something I've noticed on the Sky Cinema channels.


Anyone have an idea on the cause or a possible cure? I have a picture of the problem but can't see how to upload it. 

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I did live chat again yesterday, twice, and the connection dropped out both times. Had an email from them this morning and i have responded with picture evidence of the issue.


Watching the Leicester game on amazon last night, perfect picture with TV reporting 1080P 50Hz. Flick over to either Main Event or Premier League on the NowTV stick, awful camo effect but TV still reports 1080P 50 Hz. I am 100% this is problem at the NowTV end, we will see what they come back with.


Tried to upload an image of said issue again but apparently i don't have permission.


Its not just on sports channels its on all channels on now tv, getting boost makes no difference, issue happens on now tv stick and apple tv 4k box. More noticeable with darker colours. Its an issue with now tv end no doubt they blamed it on poor internet connection but we have 70-120mbs and my apple 4k tv is hard wired via ethernet. Im using up my vouchers and then canceling the service until they fix this. As dont have any issues with netflix, amazon prime, apple tv, or disney plus. Now tv need to sort their game out or theyll loose streaming wars 🤣

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I'm currently watching The NFL on Sky Sports Main Event on the Firestick it seems 1080p 50FPS here not having any issue.


I thought it was just me!


I can see something on my HD box but it is noticeably worse on the 4K one. 


The picture is crystal clear HD but the blocks are in the background like it’s a dodgy YouTube video. 


Im questioning wether its an 4k hdr issue? As moved a now tv stick onto a non 4k tv thats about 14 years old and picture has no blocky ness. Its the contrast on darker colours e.g blacks. Would be interesting to see if everyone else is using 4k tvs or older?

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Can't help sorry, but i have a NowTV 4K box wired over Ethernet and connected to a 4K television and both the Man City v Sheffield Utd and Arsenal v Man Utd the picture with a HD Boost Pass looks fine to me.


BTW - The maximum stream with a HD Boost Pass is 1080p SD (No 4K or HDR 😡).

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@C3RBERUS if you're seeing differences between new and old TV's it will be the newer TV doing more work via its software.


Most modern branded TV's will have things called TruMotion or MotionPlus where it's onboard software is scanning the image and trying to make it better.


It's much more noticeable on sport because the fast moving images can't be processed quick enough.


All those settings (there will be half a dozen on a single TV) can be played with or turned off.


Here's a thread from the Kodi community which discusses it. The last comment goes into a detailed explanation.

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The now tv app is now on the fire tv stick and the difference in picture
quality is very noticeable. I’d get one of those. I don’t use now tv on
Roku anymore. Plus the fire stick version has more content, so it was a no
brainier for me. Your paying for stuff your not getting otherwise, like
when there is several championship matches on at once, on Roku you only
have the standard sky football version (one match only), but on the fire tv
version you get to pick between them on demand (though live) same with golf.

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John davies
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@Anonymous User    Do you get the camo effect using the Fire TV Stick?


The easiest way to check for this issue is simply hit the pause button. When the banner appears at the bottom the camo effect is very noticeable.


I have had around 20 back and forth emails with support. After several videos they acknowledged the problem and that it affected viewing quality. They said it was fixed, it wasn't and now are saying give it a couple of weeks for an update but they can't see any problem with my viewing history etc. It seems like someone different replies everytime. I've given up replying for now, but did manage to get some credit out of them. I would urge anyone with the issue to contact support, you may get some credit if nothing else but at least it keeps highlighting the issue to them.






These are just 2 pictures of camo effect while watching mission impossible 2, using an apple 4k tv unit on a 4k tv. Have boost and still get it comes up on fire tv 4k stick, and now tv stick. Tried different settings on apple tv using 50hz and 60hz hd and sd, 4k and not 4k. Tried 2 different tvs, broadband speed is great 75mb-96mb. Its got to be now tvs end. As this didnt happen a year or so ago and been using same setup. They need to fix this as all other streaming apps are fab and dont have this issue.