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BT Sport - Now Available in the UK

In case you've not been following the 'when' threads. I thought I'd add a new one to make sure people were aware that at long last a separate standalone app has now been launched. It's in the App Store. 

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Re: BT Sport - Now Available in the UK

Excellent, thanks for the update.  Seems to work well.

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Re: BT Sport - Now Available in the UK

Only available on the Black NOW TV box great why is this please??? I have a BT TV account and you guessed it a White NOW TV box great???? Searched for the app on my White box its not there fantastic!!!!!!


As of this week, BT Sport is available for existing users through the Now TV 4K Box, Now TV Stick, Now TV Legacy (black box) and the Now TV Smart Box (blue logo) at no additional cost. 4K Box users with the right subscription can go further and watch live sport in 4K with HDR with BT Sport Ultimate.

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