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An open letter to Sky CEO

Dear Mr Darroch


As a Sky Sports Business customer may I thank you for your prompt action in suspending all of our payments until sport is restarted. In such unprecedented and difficult times, knowing that one financial burden has been temporarily alleviated gives me a fighting chance of saving my business.


Similarly, millions of Sky residential customers have received the same support and this small gesture of goodwill is helping all those who have no idea if they will have jobs to return to. I know myself and my employees face a very uncertain future.


Sadly, for Now TV customers, the communication and support they have received is very different. It is in fact, non-existent and we are all being badly let down. Community boards and social media is awash with thousands of people looking for help that has not arrived. Thousands of customers purchased sports passes in good faith but have no sport to watch. Thousands have 3 months remaining of football ‘Season Tickets’ but can’t pause it. Thousands, who days before spent £198 on F1 passes, are being denied refunds despite not activating the pass.


As a corporation, Sky moved within 48 hours of the first cancellation of sporting events to email all its contracted customers offering support. Nearly 2 weeks later and Now TV has communicated nothing. No email. No posts on social media. No posts on the Community page. It’s like we are seen as the poor relation to contracted customers, we are not important and can be dismissed as such.


Customers are seeking answers but Now TV thinks it more important to email me new offers, tell me about box-sets and try to sell me ‘Cinema Releases’ for £15.99. In recent days I’ve seen people posting copies of emails stating their broadband and calls packages are increasing in price in the middle of a global pandemic, heart breaking stories of children who saved for a year to gift a pass to their father for his birthday and lost it, people on chat for hours only to be fobbed off with ‘make a complaint as I can’t help you further’ and people being charged £6 for a recorded telephone message.


How can you be so out of touch with the current reality of so many people who don’t even know if they’ll have a wage in the coming months? Who in their right mind thought it prudent to try and make money when thousands have lost it on unusable Sports Passes or are simply trying to get help?


As a customer for a number of years I have always supported the platform while others on social media have had nothing good to say about it but I now realise their frustrations and understand Now TV’s 2 star rating on Trust Pilot. The anger brewing across social media and community pages will only serve to do more damage to Now TV.


Act now! Don’t let this be your ‘Ratners’ moment!

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