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Scholar 3

Additions to 1080p / 50fps Content

We currently have six sports channels in 1080p/50fps on Boost. I believe the intention was to offer all this year. We're now in September.


It's time that these were added to. I'm surprised for example that no announcement has been made that the new NFL channel is to be offered in 50fps.


Sky Nature also badly needs this added. Fast Motion creature movement becomes a blur at 1080p/25fps. Other channels too would be greatly enhanced with it too.




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Re: Additions to 1080p / 50fps Content



I think the plan is still to upgrade 50FPS to the full 11 Sky Sports Channels but it is has hit a delay with other things taking priority but I am sure it is certainly still on the card. I don't think Sky Nature will get 50FPS though does it even have it on Sky Q? 

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