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50fps for on demand content.

Hi all.


When can we expect on-demand sport to be shown in 50fps?


I have boost and watch live sport with no issues with chromecast in HD and 50fps. However watching sport on demand (tried watching the NRL and F1) is, to be honest, pretty terrible with the frame rate (lots of 'stuttering/juddering'). I'm sure we're all familiar with this.


Potential deal-breaker for me, particularly with Championship season coming up. Not sure how many games live I'll get to see my beloved Fulham play, so will be relying on on-demand a bit.




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@Anonymous User 

You could send an email to customer support who would give you a firm answer. Although on here as we are just customers like you it would be speculation. 


That being said, would probably be the same answer as customer support, not anytime soon me thinks.


Address in below picture.

Now TV customer service.jpeg



FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help