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£15 PPV Premier League

How much more greedy can the Premier League get?  Seems they can get a little more.  Not enough to fleece fans for nearly £60/month for BT Sport and Sky Sports, now this!


Football fans will have to pay £14.95 per match to watch certain televised games from next weekend after the Premier League revealed a controversial new pay-per-view model to boost club finances.


Premier League matches will be shown on pay-per-view basis via Sky Sports Box Office and BT Sport Box Office








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These games were 'selected for TV' because Sky aquired them when it was decided no fans could attend. They were part of the sports subscription when we all signed up for the season. Now half those games are behind another pay wall.


I will be searching for an alternative solution and possibly cancelling.

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@Techn the matches being shown via ppv were never selected for live broadcast. They are the scheduled 3pm kick offs that were anticipated to have fans in attendance. You would never have been able to watch them as part of your subscription.


@SweetBlitz what are clubs supposed to do without fans attendance revenue? My club is predicting a £70 million loss this year without fans and some further down the pyramid will disappear completely. £15 is a fraction of the cost of a match day ticket and if it means the survival of the clubs I have no objections. The question will be how the money is distributed and will it be done in a way that helps teams in lower leagues.

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 what are clubs supposed to do without fans attendance revenue?


Spend less like the rest of us. Gate receipts only amount to about a third of income for the big clubs and less for the smaller clubs. Most of the income is TV rights and merchandising.   Arsenal are signing new players on £250k/week contracts,


The clubs at lower levels are getting no help from the big clubs.  Orient will survive thanks to their multi millionaire owner subsiding the annual losses of over £1 million.  Most clubs don’t have that sort of backing.

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"spend less like the rest of us" 


My club didn't spend any money and actually sold 6 players! But what clubs spend is a different conversation from unscheduled games that we'd have never seen (legally any way) being shown on ppv. 


We got 12 weeks of bonus games we'd never have seen under normal circumstances and we got those games with discounted passes. 

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unscheduled games that we'd have never seen (legally any way) being shown on ppv


I find it pretty annoying that when I lived in France and The Middle East I could watch all the games legally, with full re-runs on catch up and for less than €10 in France and a couple of Kuwaiti dinar per month.  Whereas in the UK, I would need to resort to illegal streams to do likewise.


PPV football was tried in the past in the UK and all that ended up happening is it was eventually offered as a £50 season ticket for all 50 games  when no one took it up.


PremPlus failed to live up to Sky's expectations[citation needed] as few British football fans were willing to pay for individual matches on top of paying a monthly subscription for other matches

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For the big 6 clubs in a normal season between 25 and 29 games are televised.  So you may pay up £135 to £195 extra to watch the other 9 to 13 games.  

Outside  that your club may only get 8 televised games meaning an extra £450 per season (more than an Orient season ticket!).   To put that in context with Sky Sports on Now Tv with the £20/month offer you pay £180 for a 9 month season.


Also with Box Office, you get a single stream, and with the rule of 6, you shouldn’t really be inviting your mates around to share the cost.


Pubs are not being charged to show the PPV games.


Problem solved!

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@starman73 pubs aren't getting all the games, just 3 of the 5 each weekend.


There's talk today that the whole thing will get scrapped any way as the government doesn't want pubs in the South full of people watching the football while they're preparing to shut pubs in the North.


Truth is many pubs  have stopped having BT Sport and Sky Sports in recent years.  Normally the only live sport on in our locals is rugby.  Today though they are showing Ireland v Wales international football.  With Welsh commentary!

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Legend 5

Reading a couple of news reports on the internet, it looks like the premier league have had second thoughts about the £15 PPV model due to the backlash from fans and they may be in the process of ditching the PPV model for PL games that wasn't originally scheduled for Sky or BT.


Though the decision is not quite final yet, but looks promising. 


@Saint1976Fair enough, I had assumed the recent rescheduling and airing of games one after the other was going to be continued. If they went back to a block of 3pm games and aired some PPV that would be understandable. But 19:15 or 20:00 games when no one else is playing are slots that would be aired as part of packages under normal circumstances. There are five £15 games a weekend, on top of £25 a month just for nowtv, that adds up quickly.

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Will be interesting to see the viewing figures.  Sky get anything from  500,000 - 3,500,000 viewers for a Premier League game.  However I suspect many watch because they have the subscription rather than selecting the game.  The supporters of the big clubs will probably be least impacted as almost all their games are broadcast on Sky and BT Sport.  Whereas Villa, Fulham and West Brom fans look like having to shell out £45 to watch their clubs next three games.  I suspect the money made for Liverpool and Manchester United games would be more than the normal gate receipts.


Saturday 17 October

15:00 Chelsea v Southampton (BT Sport Box Office)
20:00 Newcastle v Man Utd (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sunday 18 October

12:00 Sheffield Utd v Fulham (BT Sport Box Office)
19:15 Leicester City v Aston Villa (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 19 October

17:30 West Brom v Burnley (Sky Sports Box Office)

Matchweek 6 Friday 23 October

20:00 Aston Villa v Leeds Utd (BT Sport Box Office)

Saturday 24 October

15:00 Fulham v Crystal Palace (BT Sport Box Office)
20:00 Liverpool v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sunday 25 October

19:15 Arsenal v Leicester City (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 26 October

17:30 Brighton v West Brom (Sky Sports Box Office)

Matchweek 7 Friday 30 October

20:00 Wolves v Crystal Palace (BT Sport Box Office)

Saturday 31 October

15:00 Burnley v Chelsea (BT Sport Box Office)

Sunday 1 November

12:00 Aston Villa v Southampton (Sky Sports Box Office)
19:15 Spurs v Brighton (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 2 November

17:30 Fulham v West Brom (Sky Sports Box Office)