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help needed!

ok ive got this nowtv box of a m8 who no longer wanted it, and ive set it all up i get all the normal shows bbc itv itvb witch is nothing sepcial as u get that on normal telly anyway,


so i guess this box is only good if u buy passes then? 


witch ive done ive got a entertainment one, and im sat just trying it now watching mtv 16yr old mums or whatever its called,  and the pitcher is hard to make out its totaly out of focus, like little squares!!!!! and  when the pitcher is still it dose sum times go back into focus, but its really bad!!! 


can someone tell me as ive got this pass for entertainment , thats it? i cant then watch the walking dead? i guess im asking if i wanted to watch sum kids sum entertainment sum moves do you have to buy 3 passes for all them diff things?

if thats the case im not sure its worth it then as the pitcher is so out of focus its hard to see the screen, so it will b worst in movies!!!1

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Yes you can watch the walking dead and also correct the movies nd kids require those relevant passes , as to you're picture quality , are you using wired or wireless and what type internet connectiob/speed

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hu i dont get it!! so r u saying i only need to buy 1 pass to watch everything! i thought u buy diff passes for diff things u want to watch? the picture is ok now must of just had a wobble! 


but this hole pass thing i dont get! if i want to watch things classed as entertaiment i buy that pass, if i want kids stuff i buy a kids pass right? or dose one of the pass for everything 



sorry to b thick! x

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Hi @Anonymous User and welcome to the board.


If you look at the top left hand side of this page, you will see a "Menu"...Press on that and you will see "Movies", "Entertainment", "Sport" and "Kids".  Now click on any of those and you will see all the programmes and films that are available on Now TV...There are absolutely loads!!


If you have an "Entertainment" pass, you can watch anything in "Entertainment".  That is Boxsets, Catch up episodes (The next episode of "The Walking Dead" will be on after it has aired live on Monday, so look for it after about 10pm) from all the channels in the drop down menu that you will see on that page.


You will need a Movie Pass for Movies, a Kids pass for the kids stuff and a Sports pass for the Sport.  These are all separate passes and can be bought from Now TV or Amazon, Argos etc.


I just have the Entertainment Pass and that is enough for me, so I can just watch the programmes in the Entertainment section.  I think that you have the same so give that section a bit of time to look through.  If you fancy any other pass, at any time, you can buy that and add that as well.....If you want some movies over Christmas for example.


I'm glad that you got the shaky picture sorted out,  just re-check all the connections from the leads on the back of your box and your telly and make sure they are a good firm fit, one might be a bit loose and I wouldn't want a shaky picture to occur when "The Walking Dead" is on, it's scary enough!! Smiley Surprised


Anyway, I hope that helps and don't worry, you're not thick at all...We all have to learn.


Happy Watching!! Smiley Wink

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woooop woop your a star and i think you, soz im a girl well 38yr old women so i need all the help i can get,!1 yay thank you so much for your helpful reply xx 

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You are welcome @Anonymous User and I'm glad that I could help you. Smiley Happy


Nothing wrong with being a Girl.....I'm married to one! Smiley Wink


By the way, if you want to watch "The Walking Dead"...You can!   You have got the right pass (The Entertainment one)




All the best!