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YouTube app

Hello there.

Any chance you can sort out the YouTube app? It's slow, as in charver slow to respond and crashes every 30 seconds. Can't blame the ISP, as every other app works fine. Been doing the same thing for the last 4 months. Your running a business correct? Not acceptable. Any other client would walk away, even if you are billionaire, nwo elitists. Lots of love. Xx
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Hi El_barto75


There is a couple of things you should know but first I should mention that I am a Now TV customer , white Now TV box owner and have no affiliations with the Now TV company or any of it's associates.


Plus, I am having problems with YouTube as well.


OK that said, 1) You Tube make and distributes it's own app/channel and really has no regards for the devices it runs on.  The upshot is that YouTube will update it's app/channel with the latest software techniques it deems appropriate that results in any device released more than two years ago will start having problems, i.e. the white box was released in 2013.


2) YouTube will run, I believe, on the Now TV Black Box, it has just been released it has a more powerful processor, is faster and has extra facilities the white box does not have.


To summarise, Now TV has no control over the apps/channels, as they are made and updated by the companies that own them.



UK Bob