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Voucher shows as invalid

Bought a now tv today in tesco today. Set it up and entered the code, shows as invalid. See there is technical issues, so I waited a while and tried again, error message had changed but still nothing. I used live chat and they said it was not applied to my account so they can't help.

Feeling mugged, can't even watch the entertainment package I paid for!
Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User not sure why the person you spoke to said that they could not help.  Codes need to be entered in Capitals. It is possible you’ve entered the code incorrectly
It’s easy to mistype letters and numbers that look similar. Make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears on your voucher or gift card, and look out for these common errors:

5S (Number 5, and letter S)
0O (Number 0, and letter O)
9g (Number 9, and letter G)
1ilL (Number 1, lower-case i, lower-case I and capital letter L)

If you are still certain that the code is correct. Pop on to chat and they can help apply it. Please note you can only apply a pass within the last 30 days of your current pass. If still not working go back on to chat, give them the code and ask them to check it.  If it is correct ask them to apply it for you.  

Please take a moment to click thanks or marked as solution if this answered your question. I am a community contributor and pop on when I can.